Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Binkies, Potty Training, and Manners

I have no pictures to post, just needed to vent!!!! I decided last week it was time for me to crack down on a few things for Megan. She was using her binky WAY to much. Laci had hers until she was a little over 3, but only at night. Megan was using hers a lot of the day, even when it wasn't bedtime. So, last week we went to bedtime only and it's been fine. She has asked for it a few times but then she will be quick to say, not bedtime or no binky til bedtime. Binky crackdown...check.

Her manners...Manners have always been very important to me. I still commend teens who say yes ma'm and no ma'm, even though it makes me feel old. I think it is very important and I want my kids to know that. So, Megan does pretty well, but I made it a point to remind her every time she forgets. Hopefully, it will stick. She even told our waitress gracias the other day. I don't care what language as long as she knows!!!! Manners crackdown.....check!

On to potty training...I must say I am so at a loss here!! Laci was potty trained before 2!! She loved and it and couldn't wait to potty. She went in every potty in Birmingham. Megan is 2 and 1/2 and not even close. She could care less. In beginning my crackdown I put several pairs of panties outside and on the days we have no where to go she wears panties throughout the day. One day, she even peed a little and then took the panties off and finished. I thought we were getting somewhere. So, yesterday we were back in panties. We were playing outside and she starting taking them off. I had a feeling this meant she needed to go so I told her to pee in the grass. She began crying and asking for her diaper on. I told her if she would pee in the grass, I would get her diaper. She went inside got me a diaper and told me to put it on her. By this point she was jumping around, crying, and holding herself. I knew she needed to go! She kept crying for me to put her diaper on. I even let her sit on the potty for a bit. nothing!!!!! Finally, she began crying pretty bad and I thought she is going to give herself a UTI, so I put a pull-up on her and within 2 minutes she had "gone." I put panties back on her until the cycle started again. However, the second time she decided to go inside and pee on the brick floor in the laundry room. I honestly do not thinks she gets it!!! She doesn't understand the urge! (although so many..."more experienced" mom's tell me otherwise) We tried the infamous M&M method and she told me, "throw them in the trash and get me my diaper." I know it will all click one day and I am not too worried about it!!! Just ready to put the diapers away for a bit! :) Potty Training Crackdown...not so check!!
(but, don't worry I am continuing to try, I understand consistency)

I just had to share!!! I know there are several mom's with kids around Meg's age trying to potty train and sometimes it's nice to know you are not alone!!!!


Kicks and Giggles said...

You have it all figured out. Looks like I'll be coming to you for advice. Your girls are beautiful! It is so fun to see pictures of them!

The Huffman's said...

Haley finally decided to use the potty right before she turned 3 and we never looked back! I thought she never would! She would put her panties inside her potty and stand beside it and pee on the floor! She was so stubborn. She just made up her mind one day! Blake was another story. ha! Hang in there!