Saturday, May 30, 2009

What A Day!!

Yesterday Laci and Megan got to spend some time with MiMi Pam and Papaw Bo. They went and played at Chuck E Cheese and ate at McDonalds. Then, they went and got their birthday present for the year. Papaw and MiMi knew what they wanted to get for the girl's, but they wanted to go ahead and get it for them so they could enjoy it this summer!!!! What is it?...

....a Trampoline!!!!!!!

I had to add these pictures. It seems that during every project, Brad has to run to his garage and get a tool or something. This usually means he leaves his partner/helper hanging! And, it happened again. Brad's dad was trying to move the boxes to the grass and Brad ran to the garage to grab something! I couldn't help but capture the moment!
He was waiting on Brad to help him move it....and Brad, ....

was in the garage looking for a tool to help build the trampoline!!!!

But, it got together and here is the finished product!!!!!
The girls love and well, so do I!!!!

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