Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Big Day!

UPDATE: So, Brad and I said we were not going to keep score at Laci's softball games. This year it should be about them learning the game. But.....we totally won last night!! I was so proud of the girls!!! There was some confusion at first, but they pulled it together in the end, even though they were getting cold!!! Laci did great! She got to bat twice and hit the ball both times. (which is quite an accomplishment because it is coach pitch and they cannot use a tee at all, and I think they should get to for their last attempt, but that's another story). Anyway, she had lots of family and friends there and it was very exciting!! It was the first game ever for all but one of the girls on the team so it was a great start! Being the coach, I was the only mom not taking pictures, so next time I will hand my camera to mom or Sarah and get some action shots!!!!! Goooooo Lightning!

To say that softball was a big part of my life would be a huge understatement! I can clearly remember my first softball team in Sardis, my first practice, uniforms and everything until the State Championship my senior year. Maybe that is why I got a little emotional yesterday as I got Laci ready for the Opening Ceremony for her first very first softball season! I know she will remember this!
Her team is called Lightning and I (with Brad sometimes) am the coach! It is fun and I've enjoyed getting to know all of the girls. We have our first game tonight, if it doesn't rain us out. We do not plan on keeping score but I will keep you updated on how they do!!!!

Number 12, like her daddy

She said she had to stretch!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daddy and Laci Day

Saturday was a day for Brad and Laci to have a day they spend together doing fun things! Laci had a blast and Brad was worn out!!! Laci was soooo excited from the time she got up! She even asked Brad what to wear! Here are some pictures from the day.
It started with a morning newspaper read!!!! Laci looks at all the pictures and then sits the paper next to her!

Here they are ready to go!!! Laci is getting so tall, but next to Brad she still looks short!

Their first stop was at the Museum of Discovery. They had so much fun and Laci really liked it. She even made a craft which she wants to give to Mamaw Grant (she loves butterflies and Laci made a butterfly).
This was the earthquake table. You had to build something and then you turned on the table to see if it could withstand and earthquake.
They built race cars and turned on the fan to race them!

This is Laci sticking her hand in a cloud tornado.
They ate lunch at Party Time Pizza where they played putt-putt, lots of games and ate pizza.
Then, they went bowling!

More Cute Buckets

Once again, I have to share these cute buckets by Jaime!!!! You can check her out here: http://www.whimsytin.blogspot.com/

This is a birthday gift! I will fill it with goodies!

I got so lucky! I won this one at a silent auction!!!! It is soooo cute!!!!

Instead of Easter baskets this year, I have opted to Easter buckets!!!! I am going to use these every year and I think they are soooo cute!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green and Sunshine

Once the fog lifted yesterday it was beautiful!!! Mom came over and we played and played! It was so much fun!! I can just sit in my chair and the girls just play all over the driveway!!! It is so relaxing! Then, we went to the swingset where they played a bit. We threw rocks in the pond. At one point there were over 15 turtles on the bank across the pond. So, we took off running at them to get them to side back into the pond. (easily amused) It was a great day! And, today is more of the same. We let Laci stay home from preschool to enjoy the day with us! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

The pants Megan has on were capris on Laci at this age!

A big thank-you to Mamaw Grant for the 4 leaf clover green ponytail holders!!! They were a hit! Laci even took hers Monday to preschool for green day show-n-tell!

This is a shirt that Poppy got the girls while he was in Honduras!

Picnic outside!!! We went to Target right and got a personal pan pizza (our fav)!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Photo

We had to have a family photo for the baseball program!!! Of all of the pictures I take we did not have one!!!!!!!!! So, Saturday morning when we were all dressed we got my sister to take one! I thought it turned out pretty cute! We got both girls looking and smiling!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Videos

Thank you to all those who have been praying for Gracie. She is doing better every day. The last I heard they were waiting on a room to open up for her on the Neuro floor! Please continue to pray for her and her family.

Here are a few videos from this week. I think this shows we watch High School Musical too much. The first video is of Laci singing The Start of Something New. Then, are 2 videos of Megan singing it! She quit halfway through the first attempt!

Megan sings half of the song and says, "I done."

Our last attempt at her singing the song. She finally gets it out at the end of the video!

My mom sang in church a couple of Sundays ago and it was wonderful! Everyone keeps asking me if I can do that! Absolutely not, I cannot sing and I'm pretty sure my girls are taking after me instead of their Nonny!

P.S. If you want to hear my mom sing go to www.fbcbentonchoir.org. Click to skip Intro. Then, on the right click New Videos. Mom's is the second one down (under Susan Grant and choir) So proud of you, Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Please continue to pray for Gracie. She still has not woken up. She is still reacting to touch and voice. She is breathing on her own, but still has the breathing tube in.
Pray for her parents as they are riding a roller coaster of emotions.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Gracie

(update via Jacque Reynolds)We just got some good news from Chris Nail. Gracie is not awake yet, but she is moving around and becoming agitated. The doctors and nurses are very encouraged about this. They have also determined that Gracie is breathing on her own and they will begin to wean her off the breathing machine. Chris and Caroline want to thank everyone for their prayers, phone calls, and visits. They will be back in the room with Gracie as they begin to remove the breathing machine and will not be able to answer phone calls or to come out and visit with guests. They ask that we continue to pray for the fluid at the base of Gracie's brain to go away and for her to wake up.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pray Please

If you are reading this blog I am asking for prayers for a sweet little girl named Gacie. She is 9 years old. Pray for healing for her. Pray for wisdom for her doctors. Pray for an unexplained peace for her parents!

Thank you!