Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update on Becoming and Aunt!!!

Most of you that read my blog probably read my sister's as well! So, you know most of these details! But, I can't hold my excitement about becoming and Aunt, so I have to share here as well!!!

First of all, my neice or nephew is 16 weeks gestation! He or she is doing great and so is my sister!! We find out October 20th if it is a girl or boy!! I totally think it is a boy. (I already have several things stashed in my closet for a boy!! I am having a blast working on his or her nursery and can't wait to add pink or blue!!!!

I have decided on a name...for me, that is! Most little kids end up calling me ammer or bamber and those names are not fun! So, after little thought and not many good ideas I have decided on...
Auntie Am!!!!
You know, like in The Wizard of Oz! I can honestly say I am counting down the days to meet this little person!! Everyone in the fam has had the opportunity to spoil my girls. Give them things they shouldn't and give them back to Brad and me. Well, now it's my turn!! Here are some of my first duties as Auntie Am...
1. When he or she is old enough, I will bring him or her a Sonic Coke at 8:00 pm!!
2. I will carry around the real Bubble Gum with tons of sugar and make sure he or she has a piece at all times!!!
3. I will wait until he or she is perfectly dressed and give him or her as many popsicles as they want!
4. As soon as he or she acts up in public I will make a scene and make sure everyone knows...."it's my sister's kid!!!"
5. Love this little baby like crazy!!!!!

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Jeremiah & Lindsey Kindy said...

AWW cute post!

Congrats to Brad also!