Saturday, September 5, 2009

Salt Bowl

We had a lot of fun last night!! We tailgated at the Salt Bowl and tried to make sure everyone there knew who Brad Bohannan was!!! The rain held off and the night was great!!!!! I thought it was a great success and I could not be more proud of Brad and more thankful for all of the friends that helped out!!!!

Campaigning - Laci and Brad

Everyone, including us, were giving away things and Laci and Meg were in line for everything!!!
Football Glasses

Stickers and Blow thingys

Cotton Candy with Bailey

Auntie Sarah also got in on the action scoring this outstanding football hat!

Megan ready to take swirly straw and whatever else they would give her!

Laci hiding from one of the mascots.

There was also lots of food! And, as long as we had food, we didn't have to worry about Megan running away! She sat behing Sarah's chair for a long time and ate and watched people!

It was such a fun night!!! Thanks to all who helped out. There are more pictures on the the Campaign Blog (you can click on it on the top right of this blog)!

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