Monday, September 21, 2009

Bring on the Pumpkins and Mums!!!

Now that Laci is in school I want to make sure Megan and I get to do some of the same things Laci and I used to do just the two of us! One of those things was getting our Fall stuff out, decorating the porch and deck and planting our Fall flowers. So, this morning (since it finally wasn't raining) we went to the local flower place and to Lowe's!!! Megan, just like Laci used to, just played in the dirt while I did the work. But, that is okay with me! Here are some pictures of our finished products!

We have double doors going out to the back porch. So, this is what we decided to sit in front of the door that stays locked! I love the 2 little girls (representing Meg and Laci) and the middle pumpkin is a golf ball that lights up!

The "sitting area" on our deck!

This is one of my favorite spots. This is what you see when you look out our kitchen window. I hope to have a really cool bench or wooden deck box to put between these at some point!

When you walk out the back door this is what you see sitting against the back of the deck! The big pumpkin is the one we will eventually carve! Megan got to pick out the pumpkins. Laci used to do that!

The front porch!!! Brad told me I put too much stuff up there and I probably did, but we like it so we leave it!!

I made a little spot where it would be easy to take pictures!

The front of the house! It looks like Megan is in a "Where's Waldo" picture!
The pink flowers at the bottom of the stairs (Mandevilla) are left over from the summer. But, lately they have grown like crazy so I am going to let them grow!

Again, the two little girls hanging on the door!


The Huffman's said...

You did a great job! Beautiful!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful job. And "Little Waldo (Meg) looks precious. Thanks for new pics I have been missing them. Meme Kathy