Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Triathlon....again!!! Dad joins the competition!

Our last weekend in NWA was triathlon weekend.  Laci and Meg competed Saturday and Brad competed Sunday.  

 Ready to go.....well, one of them was ready!
 Laci had a meltdown as she was waiting her turn to go, so she backed out last minute.  It was a great teachable moment and I hope we handled it in a way that pleased God.  More than anything, we wanted to make sure Laci knew she didn't disapoint us!!!!  I think I was more proud of the way she stepped up and cheered on her sister!!!!!

And, her sister......walked out there and never looked back!!!!!
 Ready, Set....go

 And, then......she won!!!!!!!
 Talking to Uncle Wes.  When Wes asked her how she did she said, I gave the mascot a high 5!  Which, if you follow this blog you know is a big deal deal because she ususally cries!!!!!!

 Grandad and MiMi

 Papaw and Angie...not sure where MeMe Pam is....
 Then, early Sunday morning, it was Brad's turn!!!  Breakfast for the fans!!!!

 High 5's all around!!
He finished!!!  And, even beat his time from the previous triathlon!!!!  We were so proud of both our athletes!!   
But, Meg did ask her daddy where his trophy was!!!!  Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

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