Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They're Engaged!!! (video included now)

Well, if you are friends with me on Facebook (or any of my fam), then you know that my brother and Hannah got engaged while we were at the beach!!!  Here is a recap...

(ok, here is my phone video.  terrible quality, you hear me blubbering, and it's a little shakey....but, you get the idea)

This is Hannah's empty ring finger them morning of the day it was all gong to happen!

 This is unsuspecting Hannah!!!!  She had no idea of what was to come that evening!

Here they are walking to the Back Porch.  They had no idea I was snapping pictures from my balcony!

Sarah and I putting a ring in the sand...literally!

Laci called and told Hannah to come look at a sand castle she had built and then we all went and hid!
P.S. The ring is sitting on top of the red sand bucket!
  She was shocked and surprised and it all worked out great!!!  I was taking video of the actual proposal (which I'll post tomorrow) so I do not have any pics of that.   But, thankfully a very good friend, Ally, was there to take some amazing pics!!!!!

 And, what a blessing....not only was our whole family there, but so was Hannah's.  After the proposal we all came running out screaming and again she was so glad to see everyone there to experience this with them!!!  Afterwards we went to my parent's condo and had lots of great desserts!!!!  It was a great evening!!!!

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harris1013 said...

I love it!!! That is so neat that you guys were all there...