Monday, June 11, 2012

Little "Triathletes"

Laci and Megan competed in their first triathlon a couple of weekends ago!!  To say it was awesome was an understatement.  I'll let the pics tell the story!
Meg's transition spot...

 Laci's transition spot

Proud Parents (that were full of pre-race jitters)

They were ready!!!!!

 Megan had a rough first transition because of helmet troubles but her little legs made up for it on the bike!!!!!
 Their biggest fan running up and down the street clapping!!!!
 Megan crossing the line...IN FIRST PLACE in her division!!!!!!!

 I'm pretty sure we were all in tears when she crossed the line!!!  It was awesome!!!!

Then, Laci was off....
 Her distance was a lot further than Megan's.  I love this pic.  If you look close, you can see her daddy running beside her.  
 Then, Auntie joined was by her side!

 Laci went with a big group so we were not sure where she placed.

 Laci and her buddy, Cade
 I had to use the port-o-potty
 Brothers and Sisters, and sisters and sisters!!!!!

 Megan getting her trophy!!!  So proud of her!!!!!!!!!

We left after Megan got her trophy, not realizing that Laci had placed in her division as well!!  Laci came in 4th place and got a medal!!!   We are so proud of her as well!!!!  They were a little overwhelmed at first at how tired their legs were after they were done.  But, now they are ready to go again.  They are planning to do 2 more before school starts this fall.  
Brad is doing one with them and if I can figure out how to swim without holding my nose, I might join a well!!!  haha

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