Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disney - Day 4

Our final day at Disney World was when the cheerleaders were in the finals. And, it was a great thing because it was inside and that was cold!!!!! So, we slept in a little and then headed to the Wide World of Sports!!!

The future Erin Andrews.....times 2!
It was hard keeping them off of the mat!
Benton....these girls are amazing! They brought home 6th place in the Nation. This was a let down as they won 2 year ago and were runner's up last year. It wasn't their day!!! But, I was so proud of them!!! They were classy, mature and so kind even after the competition!!!! Made me Proud to be a Benton Panther!!!!!!!

Laci, of course, got on the big screen!
Again, with Jenny C.!!!!
After the competition we went to Downtown Disney for some supper and then headed to the Lego store. By that time we were done!!! Super cold and tired!!! Time to pack up and head home!
It was an awesome trip!!! A great time with our big girls!!! Many memories were made. I think they enjoyed the 2 on 2 time and we were all glad to see Brynnie when we got home! She was in good hands with Nonny and Poppy. Oh, when we got home her sippy cup had coke in it!! I also think Laci and Megan are looking forward to taking Brynn some day and showing her how we do Disney!!!!

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