Thursday, February 16, 2012

Disney - Day 2

We spent day 2, literally 8am-8pm, at Magic Kingdom. We were able to ride every ride there (that was open). There were a couple of rides closed, but it was fine! There was plenty to do. I had so many pictures from this day, I just picked a few to share the highlights!

I loved watching them sprint to the castle!!!!

Lots of 3D at Disney!
About to ride the 2nd worst ride there (in my opinion)....It's A Small World!
One of the shooting rides. We were too cheap to buy the pictures, so we just took a pic of the pic!!
And, about to ride the worst ride at the park (again, my opinion)...Tea Cups!!! can you say vomit?! Never ride this ride with Brad Bohannan if you get motion sicknesss!
Laci driving a go-kart...kind of!
My Big Princess!

My Little Princess and her...turkey leg!!!!
And, look who we ran into that evening....Jenny C. and the Benton Cheerleaders!!! Definitely a highlight for my girls!
We finished the day by riding the ferry back to the parking lot and watching the fireworks from the dock. It was perfect and we beat the crowds back to our car!!!

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