Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Disney - Day 1

Since we bought our tickets through the Cheerleading deal, we had to go pick up our tickets at the All Star Resort. So, we were up bright and early heading to pick up our tickets so we could make our 9:20 breafast!!!!

The girls had no idea what to expect, but Belle is the first person we saw and for the next hour our girls, believe it or not, were speechless!

After breakfast we rode a few of the good rides at Epcot. Test Track ended up being one of our favorites of the trip.

About lunchtime we left Epcot, grabbed a cheap lunch outside the parks and headed to Animal Kingdom for the rest of the day!

Does it surprise you that Laci and Meg got right out there in line so they could dance!??
We just happened to walk up on the afternoon parade and they loved it. Megan began the parade behind Laci, so Laci could give the high 5 if they came over!
But, by the end of the parade, she was standing right next to her! One of my faovrite pics!
And, of course, our first Mickey sighting!!!
We left Animal Kingdom to get a good night's rest because we were spending the entire next Magic Kingdom!

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