Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis The Season

Lots going on around here around Christmas time and I love it!
Laci has started basketball again. It's one of the easiest on the parents for sure!!! She loves it and I enjoy watching!
We had our annual Grant Christmas at the farm and it gets better and better each year! Here is Brynn Bradley sitting on the dolphins that Mamaw is "babysitting."
She also climbed up to the table like she was a grown-up when it was time to eat.
I love her face when she saw her new rockin pony from her Aunt Connie.
And, dear Aunt Connie got Nerf Guns for the big girls!!! But, you can see who had to get the first shots!!! They LOVE playing with these!
We play Dirty Santa and it is sooo fun! The gifts get crazier and crazier!!!! And, as us grandkids get older and more of us are buying our own Dirty Santa gifts, it can get a little inappropriate! But, it is so fun and we like to see which grown-up we can make turn red!!!!!
This hat was a hot item up for grabs, mostly because it had a $20 dollar bill attached to it!
Adam opened these whitey tighties and I'm pretty sure he was stuck with them!! He even put them on...over his jeans!
And, we even got Hannah to turn red! These Razorback-jeweled thongs were also going home with her!
To end the night, Mamaw's precious neighbors (who Laci and Megan LOVE) brought her brand new guitar over and sang and played for us! It was awesome! She is very talented and Laci and Megan loved watching her play and singing with her!
And, yesterday was Megan's preschool Christmas party. I didn't get a lot of pics because Brynn was with me. But, here are some highlights.
They had a centerpiece of their handprints, so precious!
Here is another precious highlight!...

Sweet Megan after her party!

After the party we went to try and see Poppy but he was very busy. So we sat and talked to Miss Jessica for a bit. (dad's secretary) Brynn wanted to stay with her. She wanted to play on the computer keyboard and talk on her phone. Megan took this picture of her (Miss Jessica leaned over) and it looks like she is sitting there by herself! So funny!

We have Laci's school party tomorrow and then going to spend some time with Brad's family!

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