Tuesday, December 6, 2011


For those that have asked, I got Brynn's birthday onesie at Holiday House and her Razobacks onesie and football leggings I got off of Etsy.

I have one crazy climbing girl on my hands!!
She can now get on the couch by herself and in the chairs!!! I have to watch her all of the time!!!
Between my mom's house, my sister's house and my house (which I didn't decorate much this year) I get to decorate a lot! But, of all that I do this is one of my favorites. It is a tree I did at Sarah and Ben's house in memory of Weslee Faith. We did it in 2009. Last year we left it decorated so this year all we had to do was fluff it a little! But, I love it!!!! And, it is one of my favs!!
Here is my little pink cuddle baby!
Yes, she was "that kid" when we went to Dick's. Climbing, running, yelling!!!! WOW! Good thing it was an athletic store because I needed my running shoes!
And, finally, last Saturday when I was leaving my old neighborhood several deer came running across the road. I was so thankful to miss the first one and then I looked to my left and BAM!!!
The big doe and I looked eye to eye before she made out with my door!! Dad, Sarah and Brynn were with me and we were all ok!! I said it shattered my window and dad so no, that is just slobber!! But, she did manage to crunch my door and scare the bejeezers out of me! My brother hit one a few weeks ago, so we told Sarah to get a bigger car cuz she is next! Also, I was very grateful my dad was there, Mr. Bud at the golf course, several golfers and a drive-by hunter who all came to help with the deer!!
Guess I'm a deer hunter after-all!!!!

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