Friday, December 9, 2011


Megan asked a while back if she could have her birthday party at a local hunting store, Turbyfills. Now, this has never been done, but the owners are family friends and said come on, let's do it!!!
So, I searched for the pink camo and we had us a camo party!! It was awesome! It was small with just a few girls. The Turbyfill's were so gracious and set up the store perfect for a party. They set up the shooting range so the girls could shoot little pink bow and arrows into a wall covered in balloons. The also set up a blind, or as the girls called it, a tent.
Megan had a blast and could not have had more fun!!!! She was so excited for her friends to come see one of her favorite places!!

Here is another one of Hannah's creations!! I showed her a picture and she did it! I was so thankful and so proud of her!!!! Meg loved it also!
Laci figured out the bow pretty quick!

My little camo baby!
My big 5 year old!

This is Daniel, (my girls call him Turbs or Turby) the owner of the store!! His family came to celebrate with Megan and help make sure everything was perfect!!!! If you need anything hunting, fishing, etc, it's a great store in Benton with LOTS of neat stuff! Including toys and things for the little girls!!
When we got home, Megan got to open her walking puppy, her present from Laci!!
What a fun afternoon!!!

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