Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend!!!!!

I started babysitting a little girl named Olivia when she was around Laci's age. (her brother, Luke, also) Well, this weekend she got married and made me feel so old!!!! Here is our weekend in pictures!
She got married at the Diamonte Club House in Hot Springs Village. We all headed down there Friday afternoon and here is my car packed to the top!!!!
Trying to keep her mood light!!! No Stress!
Keep Smiling!!!!
Once we got to the house we were staying in, we rested!

Then, on to last minute details!
Ready for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Here are the 2 cutest flower girls, if I do say so myself!

Yes, it was hot...but we made it through!
The Groom, Tyler
Laci read scripture during the ceremony and it was precious!
Brynn Bradley came for the food!
"Little" Luke (he is not really little anymore) made his rounds at the rehearsal dinner taking everyone's leftover pork medallions! They were delicious!
Wedding Day! Laci giving last minute pointers!

Here are the flowers and one of the reception rooms. They were beautiful. Olivia did a great job picking out the colors and flowers. One of Patti's friends offered to make the arrangements and I got to help. She made an example and then I copied and together, with the help of a few others, we made all the arrangements for the tables and I thought they turned out great! And, a great way to save money. Considering I have 3 girls I need to remember all these money saving tips!
My sister and I did a candy table and I thought it turned out cute! It was a big hit, even with the adults!
My precious little flower girls who did a great job!!!!
Laci went home early with mom and dad, but Megan stayed and danced the night away. She did the sprinkler, the lawnmower, the fisherman, the cupid shuffle and the cha cha slide! She had a blast!!!!!!

The bride and her flower girls having a last minute snack before the wedding starting.

What a fun weekend!!!!!! Can't believe Olivia (Siba) is married!!!!!! I hope Tyler doesn't mind 3 little girls making cupcakes, playing play-doh and hanging at his house!! haha
Congratulations Kids!!!!

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Tadd and Elizabeth said...

How sweet, I used to babysit Tyler and Mitchell and Laura. Makes me feel even older-ha! Didn't know they were married, what a cute couple. E