Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Her Other Birthday Surprise

With Laci having a summer birthday and not having a friend party this year, she said I guess my friends won't know it's my birthday. I didn't think too much about it because that is just life! Then, I had an idea that I thought she would enjoy. I emailed or facebook several of her friend's parents from school and asked if they would send a birthday card in the mail for her. (She loves getting mail) They did not disappoint. She got lots of cards in the mail and even a couple of special things! She was so proud of everything and I loved seeing the look of, "how did they know it was my birthday?"
Her morning started off with a visit from one of her friends from school and his sister and mom. They quickly dropped by the say Happy Birthday to Laci and brought her some beautiful flowers, a pool noodle water gun and birthday card. She couldn't believe it and what a great start to her day!
This is random, but I asked where she wanted to eat lunch and we ended up at the Target snack bar. personal pan pizzas and Starbucks!
Her Mamaw Grant also dropped off a card and balloons! She racked up just on cards and deliveries alone!!!! What great friends and family!!!
Whew, birthday number one for the year over with! Believe it or not, Laci is the first in our family to have a birthday. From now until the end of the year there is Brad's, mine, Brynn's 1st and Megan's 5th. Then, we end the year with our 9 year wedding anniversary! PARTY!

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