Monday, May 16, 2011

Captured with my Phone

Here are some more of those pictures/videos where I am just glad I have my phone close.
First, Brynn loves to sleep with a blanket on her face. It stresses me out, but thankfully she usually has her binkie in her mouth so I can here her sucking and know she is breathing.
Her hair is growing like crazy and not getting any lighter. I love that it is staying so dark and it is sure hard to tame!! We are going to need product...soon. Here she is after a nap and apparently, by the looks of her hair, she slept hard!!!
We are spending these warm sunny days outside and Brynn gets so frustrated she can't play with Megan (and Laci when she's home after school). Her arms and legs go 90 miles an hour when we are outside and she squeels at Meg everytime she runs, rides or walks by. So, I let her get on the tractor and she loved it, until she tried to eat the steering wheel and nearly fell off the side!
Laci has played in some softball tournaments and we have spent a few Saturdays camped at the ballpark and Brynn has been quite the little trooper!! As long as I have some food and some toys, and a place for her to sleep, she is a happy baby girl!
Megan hit a big milestone a couple of weeks ago. (and it came out of no where) She learned to ride her bike with no training wheels. She has been doing it on the grass, but she kept getting frustrated because it was so hard to peddle, so I told her to try it on the driveway and off she went. Literally, off she went. It was like she had been doing it this way all along. Now, she can race her sister!!

Brynn could care less about sitting up. She will sit there for a couple of minutes and then just let herself fall over. She is, however, scooting all over the place. Here is scooting a short distance for a toy. (it's more like a pull and fall forward motion, then repeat) But, as of yesterday, she got on all fours and starting rocking back and forth. I'm sure it won't be long before I'm chasing her all over the house. Thankfully though, we have sold our house (another post will come about that) and we are moving to a rent house with no stairs...just in time!


The Hudspeth's said...

Way to go megan!! When I saw her in the culdesac today it took me a minute to realize! That is awesome! Brynn too!

harris1013 said...

What a doll!!!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

That hair in the second picture CRACKS ME UP!!

Way to go Megan!

Beautiful family!!