Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we've been up to, plus a lil bit of snow!!!

Just a quick update!!

First off, I can't wait to post about Brad's mission trip. The first week of the year Brad was in Haiti. He went with a group made up a few people from our church and a few college kids from Henderson. He had an amazing experience and as much as we missed him...I am so thankful for what he got to be a part of. I can't wait to go myself one day and take our kids when they are old enough! I just uploaded his pics so expect a big post about that soon!! But, for now here is a few from the last week or so!
Here we are waiting not so patiently at the airport anxiously awaiting Brad's return!
Megan, Brynn and myself got to go hang out with Hillary (Hannah's sister) and help her get ready for the Cheerleader/Drill Team dance. It was very fun and we thought she looked beautiful! She was brave to hold Brynnie in that white dress!! (For those that do not know, Hannah is my brother's girlfriend and this is her sister, Hillary)
And, did you hear? It snowed!!! We had fun playing in the snow for a few minutes at a time! It was too cold to be out there very long!
Brynn's first snow - January 2011
We took lots of Hot Chocolate breaks by the fire.
Attempting to Sled
Hanging out inside, keeping warm!
Of course there had to be a snowball fight. I carried Brynn and my camera so Brad wouldn't hit me!

Alright, we have had our snow for the year!!!! I am now ready for Spring!!!

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