Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm gonna miss her...

Today Laci goes back to school and let me tell you, I am going to miss her!!
She has been HUGE help to me with Brynn. She got to where she could hold her, pick her up, rock her, get her to sleep and Laci even changed a couple of diapers.
She watched Praise Baby with her, talked to her, and entertained her while I was in the shower or cooking or cleaning. Laci is such a big girl and I appreciate her so much! It was a great Christmas break with all 3 of my girls home. Makes me look forward to summer!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I had a few of those "when does school start again" moments, but for the most part I enjoyed having her home with no where to go and nothing to do but play!

And, just because here is sweet Baby Brynn!!


Paige said...

Your girls are beautiful! My daughter went back to preschool today, and I missed her to pieces!

The Hudspeth's said...

Bennett has that cute little polo outfit in blue :) so cute