Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gonna make this post short and sweet, like my labor and delivery. After spending an entire weekend having contractions and wondering if I was in labor or not, I decided to call the doc early Monday morning (knowing he would probably tell me to wait until Tuesday). But, to my surprise, when I told him my symptoms he said to go to L&D and see what's going on. When I got there the nurse checked me and said I was dialated to 1 and 1/2 but having some steady contractions. She said Tuesday was busy so she wanted me to stay. So, she had me walk the halls for 2 hours and pray I was dilated to 2 so the doctor would let me stay. And, it worked!

Here I am after I heard they were admitting me!! Yeah!!!! They started Pitocin around noon and got me all hooked up. Shortly after that, they broke my water.
Megan was going to assist!
Brad was glad we were staying also!!!
It didn't take long (one dose of pit) to start feeling contractions and things to start moving along. So, didn't hesitate to ask for some stadol and have the epidural on stand-by! And, before long I was out!!!!!
The nurse said she was going to check me at 5:30, but I didn't make. As it was getting close to 4 I said it was getting close. I was right, I was at a nine. So, she starting setting up the room and we were getting ready. Mom and Sarah were in the room this time and they started pacing. About 5:15 I said it is time to push. She told me I was at a 10 and to let her see how I pushed. She said hold off I am going to call the doc and tell him to hurry!!! Dr. B arrived around 5:30 and I was just breathing through the contractions until he was ready. About 5:45 I started pushing and Brynn Bradley made her debut at 5:59 pm.
She came out screaming and hasn't hardly screamed again since.
And, let me tell you...I was relieved! Back pain...instantly gone!!!! Well, probably because I was still numb!
Proud Parents with our 3rd little Princess! She did not look like either one of the girls when she was born.
And, Laci and Megan got to help give her the first bath! A very special time!!!
It was a great experience and we were home the next evening. I am loving every second and trying not to take any day for granted! I love Brad and my girls!

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Mizell Family said...

I loved reading this story again!! I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you, not just on that day but every day!! You're a great mom & my best friend, I am forever blessed to have you!! You're my #1 fan and have given me three girls that are like my own!!