Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brynn Bradley - 1 month old

It is going too fast!! I can't believe Brynn is one month old! Here is a one month update:

Brynn is a great baby. She cries only when she is hungry. She is growing like crazy, but still a tiny little thing! Although she has developed a double chin! She is still wearing her newborn diapers and newborn cloths. However, I am beginning to start trying some of the 0-3 month cloths.
It took her belly button thing 3 weeks to fall off. Kind of stressed me out a bit.
She is very good with her sisters, letting them hold her and play with her like she is a baby doll. She loves bathtime, sitting in her swing and her bouncy seat.

She is starting to focus on things and realize who we are. She smiles all the time!! Several people have commented on how much she smiles, especially when she is sleeping. I know it's involuntary but it's so dang cute!
Brynn has fit right into our schedule and goes along for the ride most days. She has been to her sister's gymnastics, Wal-mart, Target (many times), the mall and on several shopping excursions! She is very easy and I am so appreciative of this time (because I know it could change any day). I made my first shopping trip by myself with all 3 girls yesterday and went great! We went several places and got a lot done! It wasn't that bad, but I still love it when my mom and/or sister goes along for that extra bit of help!
Brynn is truly a blessing and I am so thankful for her and what she means to this family!

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Bonnie said...

She is beautiful! I haven't read your blog in a while, so I didn't even know you had her! Wish you all the best :)