Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giant Update (lots of pics)

So, I haven't been the best blogger. Not because I have been busy but because I just haven't beent that into it! But, I've had some family and friends ask so I am going to try to be better. Here is a post with lots of pics to catch up. And, I think the pics loaded backwards, but that okay!

My 3 girls
Laci has started basketball! This is her first year so she is learning as she goes! Here she is after her first game where she scored the first basket of the season!
Laci and little sister sleeping!
My precious Brynn.
Megan after getting her haircut at a fun place where they put pink in her hair!
Megan got to sing in big church last Wednesday night and here she is before the big performance! I was sick so I didn't get to go, but I saw her video and she did great!
Megan also turned 4 on December 7th and this year she celebrated big time! This is her on her actual birthday before preschool where she was the leader and got to bring treats of her choice!

Megan at her birthday party at Party Central (the jumping place).
No, that is not a black thing in Laci's tooth, it's another big milestone, Laci lost her first tooth! One of her teachers at school pulled it and she was so excited!
Again, my precious Brynn! I am so in love with this sweet girl! It's amazing how God gives you enough love for all your babies!
She is a wonderful baby that tolerates the noise and busyness of this household perfectly.
We've had a rough week with me being sick (mastitis) and trying to get Brynn to take some formula and not throw it up! But, I think we have it figured out now and I am feeling much better! I don't know if any of you mom's have felt this way but I am so emotional knowing she is my last baby! Just like with Laci everything was a first, now, with Brynn, everything is the last. The last time at the hospital to deliver a baby, last time to breastfeed, last time to deal with the belly button thing. Every time she grows out of an outfit and I have to put it in a tub to go in the attic, I find myself in tears! I do not want to have any more kids, I want to focus on the 3 I have. I just hope I can enjoy every minute and not wish a bit of it away! I love being a mom and I really love this newborn time!
My first time to put Meg and Brynn in matching outfits! They didn't have one for Laci. :(

Woo Pig!! Brynn's first Razorback game day!

Okay, that was a lot in one post but I think we are kind of up to date!


Trumbo Family said...

She is just beautiful...shocker.

Brandi said...

Isn't having 3 kids sooo much fun!!!! Just love it! Your girls are precious!!!!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

You all have been busy! I get sad every time my kids grow out of stuff or stop doing stuff or start saying things "correctly". I know the next phase is fun--but I just love the ones we are in! Glad you guys are adjusting well!!