Monday, September 13, 2010

What a Weekend!!

Brad and Laci have both described this past weekend as one of the best weekends of their lives. They had a daddy/daughter weekend and from all the stories I am a little jealous I was not a part of it!! They went to Northwest Arkansas to watch the LPGA event and then Saturday Brad surprised Laci by stopping at the Razorback game on their way back in town. But, clearly, the tournament was the highlight of the weekend.
Laci has showed quite a bit of interest in golf and this weekend that interest quadroupled!! Here are some pictures to tell the story!

Ready to go!!!!
Dressed like one of the golfers...or so I thought. Apparently, skirts/skorts are in now!!
Brad took these pictures with his phone that does not zoom so you can see how close they were to the girls. Here is Michelle Wie teeing off.
And, Natalie Gulbis, Brad was especially happy to see her!
They got to play indoor putt-putt

For some reason, many of the players, reporters, workers and caddy's took a liking to Laci and made it a weekend to remember. Several of the players autographed their ball and gave it to her. She got to walk down the cart path with Michelle Wie.
Natalie Gulbis signed her hat. That is who she wants to be for Halloween!
She got to stand inside the rope while Natalie was teeing off and that was huge as she was the only girl on that hole allowed to do that!!

There was also a reporter that caught Brad talking to Laci and come over and ended up doing an interview with Laci. This was on the front page of the paper the next morning. I know it is hard to see but the sub-heading says, "Six-year-old girl inspired to become professional golfer." That six-year-old was Laci!!!! There is a quote from her and under that and the first part of the article is about her and Brad at the event! How Awesome!!!!!
When it was all said and done she ended up with 3 free bags full of free stuff, 4 autographed golf balls, 1 autographed picture, an autographed hat, an article in the newspaper and an experience she will never forget!

But, it wasn't over yet. They had to get down the hill to get to the Razorback game in Little Rock.
At one point Laci did say, "mom, I wish you were here, but, you're too big to do all this walking." Sadly, she's probably right!

Laci was her own photographer! She did pretty good!

I loved hearing the excitement in her voice as she told me all of her stories and I'm so thankful they had such an amazing weekend!!!! And, the best part to me.....Brad gets to do it 2 more times!!!! He loves his girls!!!!!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

WOW! What a special weekend to remember!!!

Danel said...

i love Golf:)