Friday, May 21, 2010

Being a Better Blogger

Brad's mom told me that I have not updated enough and definitely haven't put new pictures up. So, I am making an attempt to do better at updating my blog. It just gets so busy so quickly in the spring! Here is an update in pictures!

First of all, here is an 11 week ultrasound of our upcoming addition. The ultrasound pic was so clear but I had take a picture of it with my phone so it is a little blurry. They had to do another ultrasound (I had one at 7 wks also) because he couldn't find the heartbeat in the office. Talk about panic. I was the 8th person in line for an ultrasound. It was the longest 35 minutes in a while! But, everything turned out great and I got a great picture of Baby Bohannan! Due November 27th.

My little Meg is growing like a weed. She is the epitome of Miss Priss. She is doing Mother's Day Out and doing Gymnastics. She is my more lovey dovey child. She always randomly says, I love you. She gives lots of hugs and kisses and will randomly crawl up in your lap just to sit.

Charlie is still doing great! He is a great dog. He is so smart and I am not a very good dog trainer. So, I can only imagine what he could do if I knew what I was doing!

Our project this summer is the back of our house! We have done a little landscaping but the biggest project was started this week. We (and help from the golf course) cut down 4 trees behind our house. This is the hole 2 of the trees left. I told Brad lets not fix the yard, let's just dig it all up and build a pool! Surprisingly he didn't say no, he said maybe someday! We'll see!

Another picture of Megan before Mother's Day Out. One of her teachers wears clippies in her hair so we have had to drop the bows and put in clippies!

And, we've had some new additions around the golf course.
During the spring and summer, we have lots of turtles!
Look close and you can the baby geese...
And, here are the baby ducks. These are harder to see because they stayed in such a close pack.
And, finally, our good friend Rachel has been practicing her photography (and getting really good at it) and sent me this picture of Megan. I thought is was beautiful and really captured her personality! Thanks, Rachel!
I have no new pictures of Laci right now. Crazy, I know. She is usually the one in all the pictures. I will do a Laci update very soon!


sleepyhead designs studio said...

Congrats on baby #3. Will you find out if its a girl or boy? Megan is precious!

sleepyhead designs studio said...

Congrats on baby #3. Will you find out if its a girl or boy? Megan is precious!

DL said...

Laci and Megan are gorgeous!
Congrats for the new baby! :)