Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I Love About Snow Days

During our few days off for snow and Laci being sick we got to do a lot of fun things! Not to mention extreme cabin fever set in. Anyway, Laci and Megan have been sick so we only got to play in the snow for about 15 minutes, which is where I took the pics from the last post. So, we loved staying warm and cozy inside!

We played Monopoly and I lost!
The fire was a constant!!!! We loved how warm the house got with the fire going!!!
We made snow ice cream...
But, this was my favorite!! One afternoon I had just plum worn out! I felt like all I had been doing was cleaning messes, taking care of sick kids, washing cloths and sheets (the normal loads plus the loads that had been puked on!), cooking (sweets mostly) and I just needed to lay down. So, Megan, Charlie and myself loaded up on the couch close to the fire and took us a much needed nap! It was wonderful!
P.S. Excuse the no make-up face! Today is the first day I have worn make-up since Sunday! And, the first day I put on cloths besides my sweats!!!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I am so sorry your little ones were sick! That is tough on both the babies and the mama! I thought it was so funny that Laci beat you at Monopoly. I was cracking up! It sounds like you guys had some good times despite the sickness. Isn't it amazing how cabin fever sets in and then you feel like a new woman with makeup and "leaving the house" clothes. Haha.