Saturday, October 18, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Megan has been singing Itsy Bitsy Spider in gymnastics. She is learning the words and this is a video of her filling in the blanks. First of all , ignore my singing! I know that it is terrible!!! I am hoping the girls can dance better than we can all sing!! Second, People are always commenting on the girl's "twang" or "southern draw." I can hear it when they talk but couldn't figure out where it came from...until now!!!! At the end of the video Megan repeats her ABC's after me and, poor thing, she sounds JUST LIKE ME!!! I knew I talked southern, but didn't realize it was quite that strong.

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Trumbo Family said...

Trenton loved watching that 3 times in a row!! So cute....I think he has a crush.