Monday, November 12, 2012

A Little Speck

A couple of Fridays ago we had a pretty traumatic day.  It started off with Brynn wanting the lights off and went down hill from there.  Brad was on an airplane on his way home from a business trip.  I got the girls up and ready and we headed off to take them to school.  About halfway through the neighborhood, Brynn started crying and when I looked back she had both eyes shut and water was streaming from one of them.  I pulled over at my mom's house to look at it and sure enough there was a tiny blue speck right in the center of her eye.  I got a water bottle and squirted her in the eye and that didn't help.  So, I called my mom (who was home, thankfully) and we went in and got contact solution to try and flush it out.  It wouldn't budge.  And, yes, at this point she was hysterical!!!!!! I didn't know what to do!!  Do you go to the emergency room for this????   Mom made a couple of phone calls and as soon as I dropped Laci and Megan off at school, I headed to the eye doctor.  While we were waiting, Brad landed and met us there.  The sweet sweet eye doctor put numbing drops in her eye and we did all we knew to do to remove the speck.  Again, it would not budge.  He told us all he knew to do was send her to Children's.   They had the tools to get this out and sedate her if necessary.  WHAT??  For a speck???
So, mom and I headed to Children's while Brad went home to unpack his things and get the big girls that afternoon.  Anyway, at Children's they were so good with her and said they wanted to try really hard to get it out because it would be a day long process if they had to sedate her since she had already eaten that morning.  They took her to a room and strapped her to a table.  At that point I left they room and they got it out.  Thank goodness!!  It left an abrasion on her eye so we did antibiotics for a week, and now she is all better.  She spent about a week watching TV or riding in the car with her hand over her "bad eye."  It was only red and swollen for about a day and a half.  Who knew a speck could cause so much discomfort and such a traumatic day?!?!

These pictures were taken as we were leaving Children's.  They dilated her eyes to make sure there was nothing behind the speck.   It was a super overcast day and even that bothered her eyes.  
 Thankful for the shades!!!

A week later (Halloween Day) we went back to check and make sure all was better!!!

 She was a comedian this day!  As soon as a doctor or nurse walked in she would say, all better!  She did not want them looking at her eyes!

Let me say this:  This was a crazy day and I hated watching her hurt, scared and especially being strapped to a table.  However, I could not have been more thankful we were walking out of that hospital with nothing more than a scratch on her eye and some antibiotics.   Kids were there and not going home, confined to wheel chairs, tubes and cords.  It's crazy that a tiny blue speck caused so much drama, but that tiny blue speck also put things into perspective that day!!!!

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