Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 1 year

Brynn had her one year check-up today and did great! It breaks my heart when it comes time for shots, but I know it's okay! Here is a quick run-down!!

She is walking...no, running all over the place. She climbs on everything! We caught her on Brad's desk the other day banging on his laptop keyboard (epic parental fail).
She is still so happy and even though she only says a couple of "words" she jibber jabbers to everyone she meets.
Her Stats:
Length 29.25 - 53%
Head 17.25 - 15%
Weight 16 lbs. 15 oz - 1.8%

Yes, that says 1.8%. Doctor (and dear friend) said she wasn't overly concerned, but would like to see her put some more weight on!! We will be working on that in the upcoming days and weeks. She loves to eat and eats quite a bit, so we are going to start some Pediasure to add some calories!! Doctor said it probably has a lot to do with genectics, she will be long and lean. And, by that I'm sure she was referring to Brad!!!!! haha

She has starting throwing some good fits and I am quick to discipline...I mean, grab my camera! I don't know if it's because she is my 3rd or because she is just so tiny and then busts out in the outragous fits, but it is soooo funny!!!! WE should probably get a handle on that, because it's only cute to us! hehe
One more BBB post to come...her little birthday party!

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