Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What would I do without my phone!!!

I have way too many pictures on my phone. It just seems to be the easiest thing to grab when Brynn smiles or is being precious! It's always closer than my camera. Here are some of favorites!!!

Ruffle Bootie!!!!!

Ready for snow!!!...which is coming way too often!!!!!!

Laid back!
Smiling all the time!

This is the overalls my mom bought for Laci when she was born. Megan wore them and now Brynn is wearing them!!! I am going to try to find an picture of each girl wearing them and then compare!
One of my favs. She keeps putting her fist up to her mouth and I think she is sucking her thumb. But, I look closer and her thumb is tucked in. She is just sucking on her hand...


Mitzi said...

Little Miss Brynn is adorable! Love the giraffe print outfit! Julia has a similar one and I can't get enough of it. You must have so much fun with the three girls...for one thing they are way more fun to dress than boys!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

It is pretty much ridiculous how cute she is!!!