Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick Little Catch-up

Here are some pics to get me caught up. My pictures have not been downloading correctly, so I am a little behind.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom, Sarah, Meg, Brynn and myself made a shopping trip to Conway. We had a great time and ate at ZaZa's. It was so good and so much bigger and more comfortable than the one in Little Rock.

It was a beautiful day!

Sweet Baby

Brad took Laci and Megan to Oaklawn to watch the horses. They got there early and had a picnic and it was perfect weather. They had so much fun.
On Valentine's Day we went to Laci's party at school and then left early and had some time to kill so we headed to the park. Again, another beautiful day!

We have loved the warmer weather and hope it stays!!!!! We are looking forward to Spring Break because we are planning a little family road trip (the first as a famiy of 5).
Tomorrow: Brynn's 3 month it that time already!

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