Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laci's Been Busy

Laci has been pretty busy, therefore so have I. She had her final gymnastics meet and also performed in her school's talent show. Here are some pics from both events.

Finishing off her forward roll on the beam.
Front support on the bars
Step Lock

Ready to go on the floor

coming down slowly from her headstand
not sure what this is called
I was not on the ball at this meet with pictures. I usually start ahead of time getting my settings right and believe it or not, this meet I was talking to much. So, they are blurry...sorry.
She got 2nd place in this event (beam, I think) and 3rd overall and there were 8 little girls in her division.

Next event was the Howard Perrin Talent Show. Her and 5 of her friends did a dance. They had to tryout and they made it and got to perform on the high school auditorium stage. Laci's kindergarten class also performed a song to open the show. Here are some pictures:

Her kindergarten class singing Toney Chestnut
And, here are the Kindergarten Rockstars! They were precious and I was so proud of them.

Waiting backstage...

Hopefully, we will have an update on Megan soon!

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A Wedding Story said...

How fun! I remember gymnastics benig so fun when we were little! So cute!