Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Laci!!

Today my big girl is 5!!!! It is hard for me to say that because for some reason that number seems to have so much more meaning than! Kind of like 13 seems so much older than 12 and 16 sounds so much older than 15! The 5 years have gone so fast and I'm pretty sure it will not slow down!
She had her small "Cheerleader Birthday Party" on Saturday. Today we got up and drove through the donut shop and headed to the zoo!!!! Tonight she has gymnastics and then her and her daddy are going to play putt-putt and get a snowcone! I'd say she's has a pretty good 5th birthday! I have 3 sets of pics to post, but here are some from her b-day party!
Since is was a cheerleading party we had to get cheerleader hair! I told her this was how the cheerleaders did their hair before competitions!

She had her party at Leah's Gymnastics! Here is the table set-up before everyone got there. While her friends were waiting for everyone to get there, they go to decorate a megaphone. All of her friends also wore black and white so they looked like a "squad!" When they arrived they got matching bows!

Here is her cake and cupcakes! They cupcakes were for the party and the cakes was for us!!!!!

Way cute banner made by Amanda at Bibs & Cribs!

One of the highlights of the party was a surprise to Laci. I asked a few of the High School Cheerleaders to come! Katie, Jacie, Livi, and Carly all came and Laci was so excited. She told everyone that they were "Real Benton High School Cheerleaders" at her party! Thanks made Laci's year!

They showed the girls some tumbling and jumps on the tumble tramp and the girls were in awe! The cheerleaders also did stunts for the girls and then let the girls do stunts! Laci was too scared, which drove me nuts!!!!

Here they are teaching them some jumps!

One of the goodies for Laci's friends were pompoms! I made each of the girls a set of black and pink poms to take home!! Here they are learning some chants and motions!

It was an awesome party!!! Laci was pumped and can't wait to go the football games to see her cheerleader friends!

I will post pics from the zoo later!!!!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Happy Birthday Laci!! I can't believe she is 5 either! The party looks awesome...very creative and fun. It was good to see you this weekend!