Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Razorback Game!

Brad, Laci and I finally made it to a Razorback game!! Brad has been this year but Laci and I have not. Megan stayed with Mimi Kathy and Grandad. Although it was a quick trip, we had a good time. We got up on Saturday morning and first went to Dillards. I had not seen the "coat" picture in person and I had to!! It was awesome. I almost cried! The lady working in the store said they had all guessed the little girl in the picture was about 6 or 7. I said no, this is her and she is 4!!! We also took pictures of Laci standing next to her posters. We then headed to the ballgame. We wanted Laci to get to experience all of what a Hog game day is. She was NOT impressed. About the time we got to the pit, she was ready to go into the stadium. She would not talk to anyone and was so overwhelmed (not like Laci at all). She dug her chin into my thigh looked up at me with her lip quivering and said I'm ready to go!!! I knew I had to move fast or this would end up in tears!! So, we walked and stood next the Hog grill so she could see the stadium. The lip quiver turned into a smile!! She could not wait to go in! So, we headed up the stairs. Laci road on Brad's back so that was not an issue as I once thought it might be!! Once we were inside, Laci was wide-eyed and couldn't get enough. She sat at the edge and stared, yelling back at us when she saw anything, cheerleaders, mascots, the band, football team, policemen, etc. I managed to get one picture of her looking at me. Then, it was all from the back. She was glued to the field! Here are the pictures I got! After that, she was uncooperative! So, I put the camera away and had a great Hog gameday!!!


Jennifer said...

Mom told me she saw yall this weekend. We were in Benton. I saw your dad were at church on Sunday afternoon! It was so good to see him. I'm going to have to go to Dillard's. Mom said the picture is great!

Jim Ed, Amanda and Addison said...

What sweet pictures! At least she cooperated for a little while! =)

chris, aimee, bryson, makinley, and hunter said...

Okay that is lil amber mini me! She looks just like you!