Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New shoes!

One of the things I love about the girls is the fact that they will wear whatever and do not really care! I know this will change sooner than later, so I am enjoying it while I can. I love the fact they can be dressed as a princess one day and wear jeans and a sweatshirt the next. I love that Laci does not care what people think (I hope that does not change) and will wear a giant pettiskirt to church and a tutu to a ballgame! So, I was so excited to find these Converse All-Stars from the good ole days! It gave them a whole new attitude and was so fun to watch both of them prance around the store in these shoes. I think Brad called them, "chucks." And, Poppy had a pair of black ones in high school!
This was a opportunity to experiment. It was cold the day they wore them for the first time, but we couldn't cover up the shoes with jeans and our skinny jeans were dirty. So.........we pulled out the trusty babylegs! These are awesome and both girls still wear them on thier legs, arms, whatever is cold! We had fun getting to mold a new look and with it came a new little attitude. Laci said "getcha head in the game"(high school musical), cuz she had her basketball shoes on! And, Megan, well she just kicked Laci because she liked her new shoes. Anyway, here are some fun pics.
The New Chucks?

Laci sat still for so long to let me curl her entire ponytail! She was great!! and, I love to play with her hair!

Megan finally joined Laci for a picture! Loving the babylegs!!!!


Olivia said...

These are the cutest pictures that i've ever seen.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Your girls are so adorable! I loved the american idol costume for Megan. Lisa and I are always checking out Laci's Dillard ads when we go to the mall. I have been keeping up with you guys everytime I check in on the Trumbo's and finally decided to just add you to our blog because I love seeing what your girls are up to.