Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laci's going to 3rd Grade

Laci's Open House was Thursday!  She was an old pro and knew right where to go!!
I love this picture....BBB was stepping on Megan's toes and I caught Meg's "in pain" face.

My Big 3rd Grader...

 She just so happens to sit right across from one of her very best friends (and right beside one of her other very good friends).  I told her they better behave and not get into trouble for talking.
 Laci and Cade starting 3rd grade!!

 Brynn wanted her picture taken also, but wouldn't do it unless Cade's sister, Kinley was standing beside her!!

 BBB was wondering when her open house was!!...Sorry, kid your stuck at home with momma!!!!

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