Monday, November 1, 2010


This year the girls could not have picked better Halloween Costumes. They both wanted to be Natalie Gulbis (in other words, professional golfers). So, I bought them cloths they would wear anyway and I they turned out so cute!

Laci did instruct me on what they would need. A skirt, top, or golf dress, a hat, golf glove, golf club and a braided ponytail with a white ribbon. So, I did the best I could and they were pleased. Laci's hat is also the hat that she had signed at the LPGA event by Natalie Gulbis herself!

We had a great Halloween night. The girls got dressed up and we headed to our church's Carnival. It was a lot of fun. They played games, got candy, ate and all of the money went to a great cause! Before we left I went out onto the golf course for a mini photo shoot.

Happy Halloween! Now on to Baby Brynn, Thanksgiving, Megan's birthday and Christmas....I love this time of year!

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