Friday, February 27, 2009

Panther Basketball

One of our favorite things to do lately is go to the Panther Basketball games!!! We love to go with Liva and watch Luke!!!!! The girls LOVE going!!!! They play so hard (and then sleep so well). The seats (thank you Patti and Bubba) are right next to the Dance Team and have a great view of the cheerleaders! Keeps the girls entertained when Luke is not on the court, of course! We have to keep a close eye on Megan as she tends to make her way into the middle of the dance team and either takes their poms or cleans out their bags!!! Laci likes to sit on the front row! That way she has direct access to the court in case she needs to stand up and do a toetouch or short, but affective cheer! It is so much fun and we are sad that it is over (for this year)! Here are few pictures!

Laci and Lauren
Lauren will be tumbling across the court, holding up a very impressive stunt or be in the middle of a cheer, and Laci will yell hey Lauren expecting a wave in return!

Laci in her front row spot! Did I mention the concession stand!?!?! Oh yeah, that is very important to the success of going to these games! We do not eat supper on game nights! Frito Chili Pie, popcorn and candy!

Go Luke!!!!!

Patti took some amazing pictures of Megan doing her cheers after the game! The girls' favorite part of the game is when it is over and they can run crazy all over the basketball court!!! The tumble on the cheer mats, play chase with anyone that will play, and go right onto the middle of the court to show out, of course!
The cheer squad's competition routine has a part in it that says, "Gooooo Panthers, BHS!" Laci and Megan do that all the time and this is Megan doing it on the court!

Garage Softball!

Laci starts softball this year! I am so excited. I hope she loves it as much as I did!!! Her and Brad have been working on throwing and catching! The throwing is not the problem!!'s the catching! She is getting better and loves to try! Here are a few pictures of her playing in the garage! We went yesterday and got her "supplies." She has a pink/black glove (she also has a pink/gray glove but it's too big) , pink/black bat bag, pink/gray batting gloves, pink/black Jenny Finch bat (with sparkles), pink helmet (with a hole for her ponytail) .
Her team name is Lightening. Her and black, with zebra accents!

Some days I miss Sardis!

We got to spend a little bit of time in Sardis with my Papaw and Mamaw Caple, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Danny a couple of Saturdays ago! I hadn't seen them in a long long time so I was glad to visit! It was a little muddy but the girls wore their rainboots so they could play outside! It was nice. There is no fence but you don't worry about them playing outside. They had fun playing with the windchimes, chasing the dogs, and swinging on the swing under the BIG tree!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gotta love warm weather....

...even if it's only for one day!!!

Megan got something caught in her shoe and it took her too long to figure it out! She said they had mud on the bottom of them so she wouldn't put them back on!
Laci hanging upside-down on the swingset! Brad keeps telling her she is going to grow that way because she spends all of her time on her head!

Laci trying to keep her hair out of her face!

My little Meg swinging! I never thought I could love 2 girls so much or have enough love for both! It's amazing and they are the light of my life! (besides Brad, of course)

Megan is just not quite tall enough to get in her swing...even with the stool! She is a tiny thing!

I love these girls!!!!!

Look out Danica Patrick....

I get the biggest kick out of Megan and her Pink Mustang!!! She has no idea how to turn so she ends up going in circles as fast as she can go! She knows how to change gears from Reverse, to Turtle, to Rabbit. She can move. She just runs into anything that is in her way and laughs hysterically!

Here she looked at me and said, "I'm me!"

Then, she was off again!
Glimpse into my future!????

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day at the Ballpark

I had so much fun this weekend with my camera. One thing I learned about the camera...I have a lot to learn! I knew the camera had so many features, but got so frustrated b/c I didn't know how to use them! I plan on learning. Here are a few pictures of Wes. I have some of him pitching I will post next.

Walking out to the bullpen with his backpack! Who needs a bat bag when you're a pitcher!

Stretching and getting ready! I guess he got my flexibility!
He started the game, so this is Wes walking back from the bullpen trying to keep his arm warm!

Getting ready to go!!!

Warming up on the field!

Good luck tap from the catcher!

Two of my favorites!!!!

Talking it up with his catcher and roommate!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun Times with Uncle Wes

We had a great time this weekend visiting Uncle Wes!! Here are a few pictures from the girls at the Boardwalk! I have a ton more pics to post but just not the time right now. We got to see Wes pitch and he did great!