Monday, February 2, 2009

Clean Girls!!!

The girls always go in Laci's room after their baths and sit in a LITTLE pink chair to get warm. They look so cute and I finally remembered to take my camera and get a picture!

Two clean girls...

Here they are staring at the TV and not even noticing I am taking their picture! Jon and Kate Plus 8 must be on!!!! Laci loves to watch that!!! Megan is not as big of a TV watcher as Laci was! Laci loved her Baby Einstein movies and Shrek and Dora...etc. Megan doesn't care much for any of it. Her new favorite thing to watch is Bull Riding!!! And, thankfully it has been on quite a bit lately!!!! She loves it....she says, "watch bulls." She will watch and when they fall off she'll say, "oh man!" The good thing is that she is a pro at counting to 8!!!!!!!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Awe!! I hope my two are this sweet this together!! PS. Love that Brad let the girls give him a pedi (and that Megan did it in costume).