Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mother's Day Out

A little late on this post but I forgot about taking these pictures. Last Thursday the girl's went to Mother's Day Out. Laci went last summer, but it was Megan's first time. They did great and were very excited to go!! I didn't cry (I did when Laci went for the first time). Here are a few pictures from the morning before we left!
Okay, I love TOMS (shoes)!!! In fact, on my list of things to do today is to go buy the solid red pair! With that said, when I got on the website to look at them I found....TINY TOMS!!! I had to order Meg a pair (they do not come in Laci's size yet). They are awesome and she wears them all the time!!! When people tell her they like her shoes she says, "they TOMS!" So cute! You can see them in the above picture! It is also nice to know a child somewhere else is getting a pair also!!!

They love their backpacks, thanks Nonny!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Megan's hair is darling! Is Laci super-excited about kindergarten?? I bet she is! We might see you on Sunday at church...we will see how little miss is feeling (she may or may not need a nap).

Christa,Brandan and Drew said...

I meant to ask you last Thursday where you got Megan's backpack. They are really cute. Where did your mom find them?