Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas "Wrap"-up!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Nothing like the Holidays to make you realize how blessed you really are!!!

We went to Northwest Arkansas to spend Christmas with Brad's family. First, it was at his Mom and Step-dad's! We had a wonderful meal, opened gifts and then played a great game of Dirty Santa.
Can you tell how excited the girls are to open presents! All 9 of the grandDAUGHTERS were there so they had a full house!

Sorry, this picture is small, but we also made a stop by Brad's Aunt and Uncle's (whom we call Sis and Pop, Brad calls her Memaw, but the girls said they call her Sis) RV store in Springdale. Laci and Megan LOVE going here. The whole upstairs is like one giant floor that looks over onto the bottom floor. There are stairs on each end and they just run like crazy!! They also want a big Coach/Motorhome to ride to the beach in!!! Maybe some day!
Then, Saturday morning we had Christmas with Brad's Dad, Step-Mom and Step-sister Angie.
The girls were once again excited and spoiled rotten! Brynn was more interested in the soccer ball and standing on the gifts!!!
Laci, always putting on a show!

We were back home on Saturday night. Megan put out her reindeer food! And, Laci sat out the Muffins and Milk for Santa (they said he would be tired of cookies).
Off to bed they went!
Here is a snapshot of their personalities on Christmas morning:

First one up and overly excited.....LACI
Second one up and took a little longer to get pumped up.....MEGAN
Last one up and thought the party was all about her....BRYNNIE
We went to church and then headed to my Mom and Dad's for some brunch food and presents!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight...

Thanks to all of our wonderful family!!!!!!! Never want to take you for granted!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis The Season

Lots going on around here around Christmas time and I love it!
Laci has started basketball again. It's one of the easiest on the parents for sure!!! She loves it and I enjoy watching!
We had our annual Grant Christmas at the farm and it gets better and better each year! Here is Brynn Bradley sitting on the dolphins that Mamaw is "babysitting."
She also climbed up to the table like she was a grown-up when it was time to eat.
I love her face when she saw her new rockin pony from her Aunt Connie.
And, dear Aunt Connie got Nerf Guns for the big girls!!! But, you can see who had to get the first shots!!! They LOVE playing with these!
We play Dirty Santa and it is sooo fun! The gifts get crazier and crazier!!!! And, as us grandkids get older and more of us are buying our own Dirty Santa gifts, it can get a little inappropriate! But, it is so fun and we like to see which grown-up we can make turn red!!!!!
This hat was a hot item up for grabs, mostly because it had a $20 dollar bill attached to it!
Adam opened these whitey tighties and I'm pretty sure he was stuck with them!! He even put them on...over his jeans!
And, we even got Hannah to turn red! These Razorback-jeweled thongs were also going home with her!
To end the night, Mamaw's precious neighbors (who Laci and Megan LOVE) brought her brand new guitar over and sang and played for us! It was awesome! She is very talented and Laci and Megan loved watching her play and singing with her!
And, yesterday was Megan's preschool Christmas party. I didn't get a lot of pics because Brynn was with me. But, here are some highlights.
They had a centerpiece of their handprints, so precious!
Here is another precious highlight!...

Sweet Megan after her party!

After the party we went to try and see Poppy but he was very busy. So we sat and talked to Miss Jessica for a bit. (dad's secretary) Brynn wanted to stay with her. She wanted to play on the computer keyboard and talk on her phone. Megan took this picture of her (Miss Jessica leaned over) and it looks like she is sitting there by herself! So funny!

We have Laci's school party tomorrow and then going to spend some time with Brad's family!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A couple of Sundays ago our church did "Christmas Pictures" for the second time in the last few years. I have gotten to work a photo station both times and I love it. Basically there are several photo stations set-up thoughout the church and as families arrive they can have their picture taken for free. We took pictures of families, singles, siblings, etc. It is so fun to watch people come and look around like what is going on. You offer to take their picture and they politely refuse. Then, after a little convincing, they gather their family and get their picture made. For many, they say it is the only or the first family photo in a long time!!!! The following Sunday, they picked up their picture and it was so great to see the smiles as they had a keepsake from Christmas 2011.
Here is one of the pictures (edited by me so a little fuzzy) from that Sunday morning!!!

These are from Glitz and Garland, a shopping event held in our town that was awesome!!!

(Megan was hunting with her daddy)
I love this time of year!!!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday and Christmas

Megan's actual birthday was on a Preschool day and she was excited to get to wear her camo again and celebrate with her class. But, of course we got to start off the day with a visit to Poppy's office!!!!

During the Holiday season I like to dress in Christmas attire as much as possible, well, the kids anyway!!!! I love when they coordinate and you can tell they are ready for Christmas!!! I took some pics before church yesterday and I love this one where BBB is looking up at Laci like she is saying show me what to do!!!!

Brynn would not stand still long enough for me to take her picture! So, I snapped one on the run!
Tis the season to be Merry!!!!! hehe

Friday, December 9, 2011


Megan asked a while back if she could have her birthday party at a local hunting store, Turbyfills. Now, this has never been done, but the owners are family friends and said come on, let's do it!!!
So, I searched for the pink camo and we had us a camo party!! It was awesome! It was small with just a few girls. The Turbyfill's were so gracious and set up the store perfect for a party. They set up the shooting range so the girls could shoot little pink bow and arrows into a wall covered in balloons. The also set up a blind, or as the girls called it, a tent.
Megan had a blast and could not have had more fun!!!! She was so excited for her friends to come see one of her favorite places!!

Here is another one of Hannah's creations!! I showed her a picture and she did it! I was so thankful and so proud of her!!!! Meg loved it also!
Laci figured out the bow pretty quick!

My little camo baby!
My big 5 year old!

This is Daniel, (my girls call him Turbs or Turby) the owner of the store!! His family came to celebrate with Megan and help make sure everything was perfect!!!! If you need anything hunting, fishing, etc, it's a great store in Benton with LOTS of neat stuff! Including toys and things for the little girls!!
When we got home, Megan got to open her walking puppy, her present from Laci!!
What a fun afternoon!!!