Friday, September 30, 2011

Guess Who, again...(updated)

Ok, just a few more pictures. There are some that my family had trouble figuring out who's who! One consensus we have come to is that MEgan and Brynn looked more alike as babies than Laci and either one of them. Brynn's defining feature is her dark hair and honestly, her eyes are not as blue as the older two, yet.
The first 2 pics of 2 of my babies about the same age! Guess Who....
This is Megan below
This is Brynn below...

The next 2 pics of 2 of my newborns...Guess Who...
Below is Megan
These next 2 pictures most of my family guess wrong!!! Who do you think is in these pictures! Could be the same child, maybe not!!! Guess Who....
Both of these pictures are Laci

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GUESS WHO...(updated)

Okay, so one of the questions I get most often is, "who does Brynn look like." Then, that usually starts a whole conversation about who my kids look like, did they look alike as babies and on and on!! So, I finally dug out old pictures and I want to see what you think! This is mostly for family and those that know us best, but I am interested to see what people think and if they think like me! I am going to post some pics and you can either comment or just guess to yourself. Tomorrow or later today I will update this post with which of my children that picture actually is.

These are pictures of all 3 of them around 10 months to one year!
The picture below is Laci
Although you can tell all 3 of my kids are sisters and lots of their pictures are hard to tell who is who, I think you will be surprised at how different they actually look when comparing pictures of them at the same age!
This picture is Brynn
The picture below is Megan
The picture below is Laci (see, she really doesn't look like the other 2 at this age)
The picture below is Meg
One thing I have noticed is that many people say Megan looks just like Laci. And, what I have learned by looking back at pictures is that Meg at 3 looked like Laci at 2. And, so on!! But, just look and see what you think! Tomorrow will be baby pictures of each of them!!! I love looking back at old pictures!!!!
I don't think they look that much alike at this age!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 10 months

Another month and more milestones!! Brynn is 10 months old and as sweet as ever!! She still flashes that smile to everyone she meets! And, usually follows her smile with a "hi-D!" My true southern belle!!
This month another tooth poked through, making a grand total of...2! Her dark hair continues to grow! ...and, so do her eyelashes!!
She is crawling like a maniac and can get places (like the toilet) faster than I can keep up! She can stand all day long and has taken 3 steps once. But, she still prefers to crawl. She will take on or two steps then drops to crawl.
She says dada and that is still about it! She loves for us to do animal sounds to her, but she will not repeat them. When I try to get to her to talk back to me or say mom, she will blow a toot noise at me and ladylike!
She will eat anything and is finally holding her own sippy cup! geez!! I thought she was going to let me hold that forever! She still will not hold her bottle! Spoiled Rotten!

The above picture is one of my favorite things she does. Her sweet 2 teeth smile!!
Then, below thought she was getting ready to take off crawling, then...
...she stood up!! I love that I can stand her up in a store if I am checking out or needing two hands for a second. She will usually stand there and wait on me to pick her up! I need to enjoy that, because I know it won't be long before I put her down and she takes off running!!!
Brynn's favorite thing is being outside!!!!! We could sit outside all day and she would be happy! She will crawl all over that yard. Last night we ate outside on the patio's at YaYa's in LIttle Rock. She was asleep when we first got there, but when she woke up and we put her in the high chair she kept taking deep breaths and smiling real big....she just loved being outside!! It was a great night!!!!

We love this little thing more everyday! Her little personality is so unique and so incredibly sweet!!! Can't believe she is almost 1!! Love you, Brynnie!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Woo Pig!!!

Saturday was a fun day! Laci and Megan got some 2 on 1 time with Daddy, while Brynn Bradley went with my mom, my sister and myself to Conway for a much needed shopping getaway!
I think Brynn loved getting all the attention! (not that she lacks any)
We got all dressed up in our Razorback gear and headed to Conway. Our main destination is the amazingly huge and newly redone TJ Maxx!
While each of us were checking out the other would sit in these chairs by the check-out line with Brynn. She would greet everyone with a "hi-dee." She was quite the hit and one lady even took a picture of her. She assured me she wasn't a freak and wanted to get a pic of the outfit to show her friend who sews.
It was such a fun day (it was more fun before the Dave Ramsey budget), but fun, none the less!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some pics from the phone

On our way to buy school supplies...I'm With Miller! Click on the link to learn more about the Woodruff Family, Baby Miller and how you can be a part!! For all you Central Arkansas people, these awesome hats/visors can be bought at W.E.L Dressed in Bryant!! Proceeds go to...
The Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation

I hate that this picture is so dark, but when we were leaving the Traverlers game I put Brynn in Megan's booster seat so I could get situated and she was just fine to stay there. She did not move and looked at me like don't put me in my carseat...I'll be still right here!
Waterpark Fun!
Brynn climbing up Avery's leg (this is Sarah and Ben's dog).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playing Outside

Last week the weather was perfect to play outside. So, after Brynn and I picked up Meg from preschool, we took our mats outside to play. It was so fun and a nice break from the heat!

Brynn Bradley LOVES being outside!!!!!!
And, one of her new favorite things is riding around with Megan in the Mustang! Seriously, they could do this all day! They rode it this day until the battery ran out!!!!
Loves Brynn's arm hanging on the side!!! When Megan would get out, Brynn would scream at her until she got back in and starting driving!
If Laci and Megan are outside and Brynn spots them, she goes straight to the door or window and yells at them and slaps the glass! She will eventually start to cry until I take her outside!
Loving this time of year!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iPhone Videos

While we were in Northwest Arkansas the big girls got to go to the Springdale Aquatic Center. You have to pass a swim test to get to do some of the bigger slides and things and this time Meg took the test and passed. So, she got to jump off of the high dive! She was so excited!

Brynn has gotten pretty fiesty in the last couple of months. Here we were playing chase and she turned around and knocked the phone out of my hand!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Megan has started back to preschool...4 year old Preschool, that is! She is going to preschool 2 mornings a week at our church and has the precious Mrs. Helen again this year and she (and I) could not be more excited! She loved preschool last year and was so excited to get started this year!
Her first morning...Brad was leaving to take Laci to school so she had to get in her bye hug!!
Telling Laci bye!!
Her First Day of Preschool Sassy Pose
One of the neat things about preschool this year is that it starts at 8:15. So, Brad can drop off Laci and then take Megan. It's kind of their thing! Here is Megan this morning before she headed to preschool on her Daddy's "bus."
After I fixed Laci's hair, Megan brought me a ribbon and ponytail holder and said to do hers the same! She is pretty independent, so I thought it was sweet that she wanted to be like Laci.
Megan waiting on Daddy's "bus."
Funny Story:
Brad goes out the garage to start the "bus," and I wait on the front porch with the girls. This morning Brynn was in the house and Laci went back in to get her so she could wait with us. Laci came back to the door with a look of panic and said she couldn't find her!! I heard the "bus" pull up and when we looked at the truck, this is what we saw...
Busdriver Brynn

And they're off!!!!!
Desperately trying to get Brynn to wave and say Bye Bye!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I learned at the Razorback Game...

This past weekend I observed several things that brought me to one conclusion...I have crossed over into being "old." I experienced 3 things that brought me to this conclusion!

First, I quickly realized that the comment, "you look good, FOR HAVING 3 KIDS," is meant to be a compliment!

Second, I remember in college I thought the athletes on campus were so cute (so cute that I ended up marrying one, hehe). Well, Saturday when the football players came over to the sidelines and took off their helments I looked in amazement! They looked like they were barely old enough to drive! They were big, but they had baby faces (don't get me wrong, some looked like grown men). But, they looked so young and I immediately realized I was getting older!!!!

Lastly, I realized I was still in style...kind of. I saw several of the college girls wearing 3 specific articles of clothing that I own!!!!!!!! The only difference is....I bought them to be shirts and they WERE WEARING THEM AS DRESSES!!!!! They did not take into account the wind, or bending over!!! I could not believe how short some these dresses/shorts/skirts were!!! I'm pretty sure the cheerleaders skirts were longer than some of these dresses!! I wanted to pass out Monkey Bar Buddies while tailgating!!! ...getting older!!!

As a mom to 3 daughters, these observations were a little overwhelming. And, it was even more Brad!!!!!! I saw him watch a girl walk across the parking lot and he turned to me with big eyes, shaking his head and said, "our girls are not coming here. They will live at home and commute." I'm sure all parents have said that at one time or another!!! I know this is all quite a ways away, but we hear all too often that it will be here before you know it.

I say all this to be funny, but it was a reality check and a reminder of the world we live in!!!!

I just keep repeating to myself, "Train up a child in way they should go..." And, we cling to the fact that Laci, Megan and Brynn are first the Lord's and He can watch over them and protect them better than Brad and I ever could!

And, yes, I have invested in Monkey Bar Buddies for Laci and Megan!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun Weekend in Northwest Arkansas

We went to Springdale this weekend to celebrate Brad's birthday and go to the Razorback. We had a great time!!!

The girls ready to cheer on the Hogs, even though they decided not to go to the game!
Three girls from Benton are cheerleaders!! I found Jacie (didn't see Carly or Jenny in The Pit)!!!
We had super close seats!!!!
Brad's birthday cupcakes from the night before we left at Mom and Dad's.
Friday was the Salt Bowl (Benton/Bryant game). The girls dressed in their Benton gear to show support, but we headed up to NWA before the game to eat with Brad's mom and step-dad!

Instead of going to the game, Laci and Megan got to go swimming. They had a great time and got one more swim in just before the temperature change!!
We had a great weekend and I am looking forward to sharing tomorrow a few things I learned from this Hog game!!