Monday, August 29, 2011

Clunker Car Night

We have had the privilege of going to the Arkansas Traveler Clunker Car night the last 2 years. It is so fun to watch all the adults buy lots of programs (that is where the number is to win a clunker car) and write down all of our numbers in hopes of winning a very old car that may or may not work!!! It is very fun, but so far, unsuccessful.

This year when we arrived there was a wedding happening!!! The girls were very impressed! haha

It was a very fun night and Megan even talked someone into getting her some cotton candy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 9 months

Another month has past and again I look back and think where did it go!?!?
Brynn is 9 months old today and this time I was chasing her trying to get her picture. Thankfully, Meg was here to keep her attention for a second!

She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on anything and everything. She can walk around the furniture and will go from one piece of furniture to another (only if it's super close). She still prefers to crawl and boy is she fast! She has learned her way to the potty and we have had to start keeping the door shut or she will be in bathroom going to the toilet!!! She will stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything, but then she will drop and crawl when it's time to move!
She still only says dada and variations of that. She is very curious and nosey. She watches everything and takes it all in! She is very happy and smiles all the time! She does not want baby food, she wants what is on our plate and does pretty well eating whatever we give her! She likes graham crackers and sweet peas. I have a cute video of her picking up peas and eating them that I will download later!
Her dark hair continue to grow and eyes are staying blue. She is so little, yet acts so big!

She wakes up once in the night, which is a bad habit that I should have broken a long time ago, but we are working on it. She only has water now instead of milk (which is where I went wrong with Laci), so I'm hoping we will drop that soon!
She has learned to give kisses and she still loves to clap her hands.
Gotta love her bedhead!!! She already needs product...haha!
I put the next two pictures in here for 2 reasons. First, you can see her one and only tooth that has finally broken through. It caused her some pain and fever, but it made it's way through last week and she is very proud of it!
Also, you can see a little yellow spot on her cheek and a little puffy spot above her left eye. She has started walking behind her toy that she can push. She will walk across the house pushing and all of a sudden it gets going too fast and she falls. The two little spots are where her toy bumped her face. But, she doesn't mind. She gets back up and goes again.
Happy 9 months, Brynn Bradley! You are a joy and precious little girl!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

2nd 2

Laci has had a great first week of 2nd grade.

Laci is not saying peace here, she is holding up 2 fingers so I can remember this is the beginning of her 2nd grade year. I meant to do it her first day, but I forgot!! to a good start!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have a 2nd Grader!!!


I cannot believe Laci is in the 2nd grade. But, Monday was her first day and she loved it! She said it's fun and she likes her class and her teacher.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend!!!!!

I started babysitting a little girl named Olivia when she was around Laci's age. (her brother, Luke, also) Well, this weekend she got married and made me feel so old!!!! Here is our weekend in pictures!
She got married at the Diamonte Club House in Hot Springs Village. We all headed down there Friday afternoon and here is my car packed to the top!!!!
Trying to keep her mood light!!! No Stress!
Keep Smiling!!!!
Once we got to the house we were staying in, we rested!

Then, on to last minute details!
Ready for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Here are the 2 cutest flower girls, if I do say so myself!

Yes, it was hot...but we made it through!
The Groom, Tyler
Laci read scripture during the ceremony and it was precious!
Brynn Bradley came for the food!
"Little" Luke (he is not really little anymore) made his rounds at the rehearsal dinner taking everyone's leftover pork medallions! They were delicious!
Wedding Day! Laci giving last minute pointers!

Here are the flowers and one of the reception rooms. They were beautiful. Olivia did a great job picking out the colors and flowers. One of Patti's friends offered to make the arrangements and I got to help. She made an example and then I copied and together, with the help of a few others, we made all the arrangements for the tables and I thought they turned out great! And, a great way to save money. Considering I have 3 girls I need to remember all these money saving tips!
My sister and I did a candy table and I thought it turned out cute! It was a big hit, even with the adults!
My precious little flower girls who did a great job!!!!
Laci went home early with mom and dad, but Megan stayed and danced the night away. She did the sprinkler, the lawnmower, the fisherman, the cupid shuffle and the cha cha slide! She had a blast!!!!!!

The bride and her flower girls having a last minute snack before the wedding starting.

What a fun weekend!!!!!! Can't believe Olivia (Siba) is married!!!!!! I hope Tyler doesn't mind 3 little girls making cupcakes, playing play-doh and hanging at his house!! haha
Congratulations Kids!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gummy Smile

One of my favorite things Brynn does right now is stick chin out, put her gums together and smile. (still no teeth) I was taking this video of her playing at my mom and dad's and at the end she does it and I was so glad to get it on video!!

She is already a little ham, can you tell?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Her Other Birthday Surprise

With Laci having a summer birthday and not having a friend party this year, she said I guess my friends won't know it's my birthday. I didn't think too much about it because that is just life! Then, I had an idea that I thought she would enjoy. I emailed or facebook several of her friend's parents from school and asked if they would send a birthday card in the mail for her. (She loves getting mail) They did not disappoint. She got lots of cards in the mail and even a couple of special things! She was so proud of everything and I loved seeing the look of, "how did they know it was my birthday?"
Her morning started off with a visit from one of her friends from school and his sister and mom. They quickly dropped by the say Happy Birthday to Laci and brought her some beautiful flowers, a pool noodle water gun and birthday card. She couldn't believe it and what a great start to her day!
This is random, but I asked where she wanted to eat lunch and we ended up at the Target snack bar. personal pan pizzas and Starbucks!
Her Mamaw Grant also dropped off a card and balloons! She racked up just on cards and deliveries alone!!!! What great friends and family!!!
Whew, birthday number one for the year over with! Believe it or not, Laci is the first in our family to have a birthday. From now until the end of the year there is Brad's, mine, Brynn's 1st and Megan's 5th. Then, we end the year with our 9 year wedding anniversary! PARTY!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Beiber Birthday

Laci's birthday was a little different this year. She chose to go to Fayetteville instead of having a friend party. And, on her actual bday we were just going to go to mom's house to have burgers. But, I wanted to make it special for her on her day. She had asked for a Justin Beiber cake. And, as much as I am tired of her Beiber obsession, I decided I would grant her this one last wish and then not encourage the Beiber craze anymore! So, I "Beibered" mom's house out and Laci had no idea. Here is a little bit of the fun!
the door walking in from the garage
the Beiber table
Laci arriving and getting her Beiber Birthday Badge...can you tell she was excited?
She stopped dead in her tracks!
I told her I waited to long to get a Beiber cake, so bright colors and flowers had to do....she was shocked to see this....

Brynn Bradley had fun under the presents table...
Megan was a huge helper in getting everything ready! She shopped with me and helped decorate. The balloons around the table behind...all her doing!
It was a great time for all of us and I know Laci had fun! There was one more surprise for that I will share tomorrow!