Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 2 months

I keep telling people I can't believe how fast Brynn is growing. I shouldn't be so surprised! It's gone that fast with all three. But, here we are at 2 months! Brynn had her appoinment today and she looked great! She got her shots and it nearly broke my heart!!! She never cries and to her scream like that was almost more than I could handle!

Her stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz. 35%
Length: 23 inches 72%
Head: 15 inches 30%
Brynn is a dream baby. She is so happy and smiles all the time. She has started cooing a lot and is awake more during the day.
Brynn is an excellent shopper and doesn't mind riding around in her stroller! She smiles when her big sisters come around. And, usually braces herself when she hears Megan coming!!! I do believe her eyes are going to be blue like her big sisters (and her mommy).
We hear that she looks like everyone in the family. The majority of people have said she looks like Uncle Wes with Auntie Sarah running a close second!
Brynn, you are an absolute joy and you have truly made our family complete! We love you dearly and look forward to see what God has in store for you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Haiti, Part Two

Here are some more of my favorites from Brad's mission trip to Haiti. I can only explain what he told me. But, to hear the passion and conviction in his voice as he describes the pictures and his experience is awesome!
The beauty of Haiti. They got to go to a place where the saw scenes like this.
This church bus is a man's home on the compound where they stayed. He lives inside the bus and it is a huge improvement to his former house.

When cars break down, they stay there!! There is no tow trucks or anything. They just sit where they break down and that is where they stay! People learn to go around them.
This precious little girl took to Brad!!!! He said he would have brought her home if he could!! Laci and Megan thought that was a great idea!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haiti, Part One

Here are some pictures from Haiti. Most need no explanation, they are strong enough to tell their own stories.

This is an example of the rubble left after the earthquake, hurricane and war that have hit this country. That is raw sewage running down the street.
Tent Villages...where people live.
This precious little girl loved looking at the pictures on the phone.


This is where Brad and the others slept.
This is a man whose leg was amputated during the earthquake. He is standing in front of the house the team built him. They ended up building 2 houses for amputees from the earthquake. They were very grateful.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we've been up to, plus a lil bit of snow!!!

Just a quick update!!

First off, I can't wait to post about Brad's mission trip. The first week of the year Brad was in Haiti. He went with a group made up a few people from our church and a few college kids from Henderson. He had an amazing experience and as much as we missed him...I am so thankful for what he got to be a part of. I can't wait to go myself one day and take our kids when they are old enough! I just uploaded his pics so expect a big post about that soon!! But, for now here is a few from the last week or so!
Here we are waiting not so patiently at the airport anxiously awaiting Brad's return!
Megan, Brynn and myself got to go hang out with Hillary (Hannah's sister) and help her get ready for the Cheerleader/Drill Team dance. It was very fun and we thought she looked beautiful! She was brave to hold Brynnie in that white dress!! (For those that do not know, Hannah is my brother's girlfriend and this is her sister, Hillary)
And, did you hear? It snowed!!! We had fun playing in the snow for a few minutes at a time! It was too cold to be out there very long!
Brynn's first snow - January 2011
We took lots of Hot Chocolate breaks by the fire.
Attempting to Sled
Hanging out inside, keeping warm!
Of course there had to be a snowball fight. I carried Brynn and my camera so Brad wouldn't hit me!

Alright, we have had our snow for the year!!!! I am now ready for Spring!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sugar...not so sweet!

The night of the Sugar Bowl the fam came over to watch the game! We had a really good time except that we missed Brad (that will come in a later post!). Here are a few pics from the night!

Hannah and Megan
Laci with the "G" from the Go Hogs cookie cake!
We told the girls they could cheer during the pregame and then they were going to have to be quiet! So, here are some pics of them putting on a show!
Brynnie decided to sleep on Auntie during the show!
Tumbling was involved...
and HUGS!
Wes helping Laci with her homework...he owed me. I've done enough of his homework!
It was a great night even if the Hogs lost.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What About Megan?

After that last post I had several people mention that I didn't say anything about Megan. Isn't she still home?? Yes, Megan is home with me (she goes to preschool 5 hours a week) and I love her being here and watching her interact with Brynn. She loves her dearly!!
But, helping me with Brynn?? Not exactly! For the most part Meg does her own thing and doesn't mess with Brynn. But, I really can't turn my back for one second. Megan will try to pick her up, shove her binky in her mouth, pat her on the head or tummy, wake her up etc. So, I never like to leave them alone. Megan has gotten in trouble several times for being too rough with her and she knows not to mess with her. She is doing better but I still want to keep an eye on her because there are still a few things she likes to do all in the name of loving on her sister!

For some reason, Megan likes to get right in her face!
Give her kisses all the time, even when she is sleeping!
And, of course, take her binky out of her mouth...
...and shove it right back in!!
So glad I have another year with these two home together before Megan has to start Kindergarten! I love it and wouldn't change it for anything!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm gonna miss her...

Today Laci goes back to school and let me tell you, I am going to miss her!!
She has been HUGE help to me with Brynn. She got to where she could hold her, pick her up, rock her, get her to sleep and Laci even changed a couple of diapers.
She watched Praise Baby with her, talked to her, and entertained her while I was in the shower or cooking or cleaning. Laci is such a big girl and I appreciate her so much! It was a great Christmas break with all 3 of my girls home. Makes me look forward to summer!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I had a few of those "when does school start again" moments, but for the most part I enjoyed having her home with no where to go and nothing to do but play!

And, just because here is sweet Baby Brynn!!