Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Big Girl is 6!!!!!

Laci had, what I would consider, an outstanding 6th birthday! She had several celebrations.

While we were in Fayetteville she got to party with MeMe Kathy and Grandad.
Sunday night Papaw Bo, MiMi Pam and Angie came over to celebrate! That night we had cake balls and Laci got to pick out her birthday dessert of choice.

Laci showing off her birthday presents, her new softball cleats!
Monday night, Poppy, Nonny, Ben, Sarah and Wes came over for yet another celebration.
Laci showing off one of her presents from mom! A Justin Beiber shirt. (and, yes, she got the cd to go with it)
And, Tuesday, her actual birthday she had a party with a few of her friends at Pink Bliss. They had a blast!
They got to dress-up, wear make-up, have a fashion show, paint fingernails, and so much more! It was awesome! Here is Megan posing during the fashion show!

Megan came up to me about half-way through the party and asked, "I thought Hannah Montana was here. Is she coming?" I told her she standing in the corner! haha, Meg was disappointed!

Oh, Laci you have brought so much joy to our lives!!! In a way I think I have caught a glimpse of how I used to act as a child!! We are so very proud of you!!! Megan and baby sister are so lucky to have you as their big sister!!! We love you dearly!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Megan's a Swimmer

Megan has been working hard on swimming this summer. Her goal was to jump off of the diving board and she finally achieved that goal on Saturday. (not the Longhills diving board! I'm not ready for that)

I still stay close because if she comes up for air she sometimes forgets to go back under to swim to me! It makes me feel a little better when we are in the water that she can get her head up if she has to, but it scares the bajeezers out of me that she is not afraid of anything and just runs and jumps in whether we are there or not!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Little Golfer

We spent the last week in Fayetteville. Brad worked and Laci got to participate in the Junior Golf Camp at the Springdale Country Club. She had a blast and I think she has found something she really enjoys!!! Another bonus was getting to spend some time with Brad's mom, MeMe Kathy and Brad's Step-dad, Granddad. We had a great week! I still love it up there. It's beautiful, lots of stuff to do, and it wasn't near as hot. I had forgotten what a breeze feels like!
Here are some of our highlights!!

Our Little Golfer. She looked so grown up and she was the youngest there by 2 years!
Getting Some Instruction

After Golf camp we hit up the club for lunch and a swim in the pool! It was awesome! Megan even learned to swim all by herself. She was jumping off the side and swimming to the steps. (videos later)
Another BIG highlight was visiting my friend, Lisa. We have been friends since college and we always start up like we are still roommates! she just had her 2nd little boy, Trevor. So, we went to hold Trevor and play with Trenton!
Megan and Trenton

Megan and MeMe Kathy on the golf cart. Laci was in the picture also but she had her eyes cloths and head down so I had to crop that out. The girls got to spend 2 nights with MeMe and Granddad and they had a blast. MeMe just got new bunk beds and Laci and Megan were so excited to sleep there. They said, mom, will you drop us off then leave?
Our last night we went shopping and then ate for Laci's Birthday that is coming up. I loved it there. It wasn't too hot, great shopping and a fountain for the girls to play on! We really had a good time!
My almost 6 year old!!!!!
This is what Megan was doing while I was taking Laci's picture...taking money from the fountain! Don't worry, she wasn't stealing! Just wanted more to throw in there and I was all out!

What a fun week! I'm sure we will be making more visits up there in the months to come. It was that much fun. Hopefully we can take Megan to her first Razorback football game.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who's Child is This?...

So, there are two things about Megan, so far, that we can't quite figure out where they come from.

First of all, my hair is STRAIGHT! No wave, no curl, no body, no volume no anything. Brad, well, when he had hair, it was STRAIGHT! Laci's hair is also straight! Megan, far from curly, but we may have a little wave. We've only noticed it recently when it has gotten wet. There are certain parts that seem to "curl" more than others, but when it gets dry it is pretty straight. But, it's fun to play with when it is wet!!!! Here are a couple of pictures! For those of you that know me know that I have always wanted long, curly hair so this is so fun to think she may have some "wave."

Second, I can not sing!!! Brad can not sing!!! We try really hard and usually end up laughing hysterically at one another!!!! Laci, loves to sing but that will probably not be her strong suit! Megan, on the other hand, can carry a tune! And, she loves it! She is always singing and making up songs! I love hearing her just sing and many times she sounds (to me) to be on key and sounds pretty good. Here are a couple of singing videos! Remember, we are not a real musical family, so we are taking what we can get here!

To be honest, my sister's hair has some wave in it so that is where that came from. And, my mom can sing, so maybe Megan will take after her! We'll see!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Update

I am having such a good time preparing for this sweet little girl!! For many reasons, but here are the 2 main reasons.
First, when I had Laci I was trying to be so "smart" and buy as much stuff as I could gender neutral just in case we had a boy the next time. (we all see how that turned out). With Megan, we were living with mom and dad while we were building our house so I made what we had work. Now, with our 3rd and final girl, I am going all GIRL! And, it is so fun!! I have never done that with a nursery before!
Second, since this is our last baby I am trying to be frugal! There is no need to buy another $500-$1000 bed, plus changing table, etc. So, I jumped on Craig's List and away I went. I found a crib that I LOVE!! It's the older style but has the ends that I like. Best part: $65.00 It also has a matching chest of drawers which was only $75.00!

I have already painted the crib black and having someone paint the chest.
We have also done a room switch. Laci got to move to the guest room. Megan has moved to Laci's room and the baby will get Megan's old room. Here are some pics of the process of changing rooms!

Laci's room before we painted it!!!
This is the landing/hallway upstairs as we were moving the rooms around. Laci got the furniture that was in Megan's room and Megan got Laci's furniture!
Here is Laci helping us paint her room!
And, the finished product! I will post pics after it's decorated when we get it done! Such a work in progress!
And, here are a few other things:

Stroller/car seat: We have the stroller! I am picking up the car seat today! There is a stroller/car seat combo that I love! Sarah found it when she was pregnant and I have loved it ever since. But, it's so expensive! So, when mom and I were shopping the other day we found it...on sale!!!!!!! Mom got it for us and I could not be more thankful and excited!

Her name: We have a first name! We are trying it out with different middle names until we find one we like! When we figure it out...I'll post it! Until then, it's just sweet baby girl!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Check this out!!!!

Laci's birthday is coming up and I got Anna at Simply Sassy Designs to do her invitations and I thought they turned out AWESOME!!!!! Laci loved them and was so excited! I took the picture at my house and sent it to Anna and this is what she came up with. The prices were soooo reasonable and she was so quick to get them to me! She is doing a giveaway right now when she reaches a certain number of followers!!! Go check her stuff out. She has recently posted some cute Christmas Cards and very cute address labels to match!!! By the way, I've blurred out some of the info, that wasn't the way the card came :)!

I also got her to do some matching Thank You notes! How cute!!!! And, she even made some matching address labels with the guitar and all!!!!
I could not be more pleased!! And, the best part, when Brad saw them he said, geez how much did all that cost? When I told him the price his comment was, "dang, that's real good! Does she do Christmas Cards?" Apparently I've spent too much on Christmas Cards in the past!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Girl Bohannan

I took these pics of the ultrasound pictures with my phone so they have a little glare, but you can get the idea.

Here are the pictures of our sweet baby girl from our Baby Views ultrasound. We had it at 17 weeks and they are better than the 20 week pics from our doctor's office. I cherish these pictures and the video we got. I can't feel this baby like I felt Laci and Megan so I was very nervous to go to this ultrasound. But, thankfully everything was great. She was moving like crazy and doing flips.

Side Profile

Sorry this one is so blurry, but I had to include it. Here is her hand as if she is waving at us.

And, here she is looking at us...precious!!

And,'s a girl picture!!
Update on name, nursery, etc. coming soon!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

I know this is a little late but here are a couple of pics from the 4th. We went to church, came home and rested while daddy played gold and then that night we went to a neighbor's house and had a great time. There was food and games and then a great fireworks show right behind our house. It was a great relaxing day!

Baby number 3, update coming soon!!!!!!!!...

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Beach Pictures"

So, we kind of do what I like to call beach picture knock-offs! I've got a pretty nice camera that I barely know how to use but it works. We take turns taking each others pictures and out of the 200 we take we usually end of with a few good ones! Here are some of my favs!

Why I love taking several pics at a time! Get dad laughing and in the process, you can catch a picture of him smiling!!!!
And, we did the same thing with Wes!!! Got him laughing, so caught a picture with him smiling! Like we could get a bad picture of these two!!!

Baby Number 3 was there and the girls wanted a picture to prove it! And, it turned out to be one of my favs!

This is my last beach post of 2010. I had over 600 pictures so believe me I have spared you the majority! But, these are some of the highlights of a wonderful vacation!