Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Action Shots

Here are some action shots from one of Laci's games! They turned out precious and I am so glad I have them. Thanks Patti! This almost makes up for the ducks!!!!!!!!

Doing it all with a smile!

I was yelling at Laci that she better not let that girl beat her home!!!

Daddy giving Laci pointers!

Conference Champs!!

As I have shared before, Brad has been volunteer coaching Benton High School's baseball team! He is having such a good time and it is so fun to keep up. Especially...the fact that they are the Conference Champs! oh....and they went undefeated in Conference play!

The guys took this banner and ran it around the field. As soon as they put it down, Megan got it and took off with it!

Megan did have tired spell towards the end of the game, but revved up when she could run on the field!!

How does this come out of the ground?
Congratulations Panthers!! Looking forward to State!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kindergarten or Bust...

Today was Kindergarten Round-Up! That is where incoming 5 year olds get registered for Kindergarten and get assessed for the upcoming year!It was such an exciting and nerve racking day! They said she did great and is ready for school. I was secretly hoping they would say she wasn't ready!! But, I know that she is!

In the light of all that is surrounding us right now, I thought I would have no tears left. However, I found myself getting choked up as I sat there and watched people walk through the halls. I wanted to every teacher, secretary, administrater, cafeteria worker, etc. to look at my face and meet Laci. I wanted them to know her name. I wanted them to know how important she was to me and that they better take care of her! But, then I noticed the other kids registering and realized they were important to someone also!
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths staight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday Laci had a preschool field trip to a neat place with animals and a pond. Of course, Megan got to go. It was a good stress relief and very peaceful. If it was up to me, I would have stayed on the hay ride all day and just rode around!

Megan with two handfuls of duck food. She was ready to chunk it!

Laci lead Megan around the whole place and made sure she did whatever they did, even taking their class picture!

Laci loving on the baby chicks!

Another Milestone!

Another milestone flew by last week! Walking through the mall I always ask Laci if she wants to get her ears pierced. She will look in Claire's, smile and shake her head no!! Friday it was different. She actually took a step in the store and said maybe! We walked around the mall some more and then she looked at me and said, I want to go do it. So, we went to Claire's and got her ears pierced! She did great. They did both ears at the same time and she only cried for a second after it was over. Once she saw the cute little pink flowers in her ears she was happy. And if you ask her now, she'll say it scared her more than it hurt! After we were done she wanted her hair pulled up of course and she walked through the mall head up and a huge smile. At one point she looked at me and said, why is no one looking at me? Here are some pics of the big girl in her new earrings!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yet Another Baseball Game

Wednesday, Wes played in Texarkana. That is one hour closer than Shreveport, so we loaded up and headed to the ballpark! It was a beautiful day and we got see two games. Wes pitched and did well. He said it wasn't his best outing but I was proud!

Megan in her BPCC tutu!!! It is the colors of the Cavaliers and it has ribbon that says, "take me out the ballgame" on it throughout the tutu and there are baseballs hanging all in the tutu!!! Precious! There were video cameras there and we weren't there 15 minutes and they told mom they put her on TV! (it was probably their campus tv or local tv)

Her ribbon in her hair is the "take me out to the ballgame" ribbon with the same baseball hanging from it!

She also has her baseball Ked's on!!!

What girls do at a baseball game!...

Megan wearing Wes's hat!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's all coming way to fast...

Life comes at you in stages. Infant, toddler, child, preteen, teen, etc... These stages come with defining moments that take you from one to the next. There is crawling, walking, riding a bike, school, driving, marriage, etc... So far, I have taken these moments in stride and enjoyed them! But, now they are coming way too fast and I am wanting them to slow down. Laci started her first softball season last month (I have already expressed the emotions that came with that). Next week, she does Kindergarten Round-Up (which I think is like registering for Kindergarten). And, this weekend she learned to ride her bike without training wheels. These steps are huge milestones in a child's life and they are coming at me so fast! I want them to slow down and I want just one more year with her home with me! Her birthday falls where she could stay home one more year and not start school in August. But, people keep telling me that would not be fair to her as she is so ready to go and is very excited. I know life does not slow down, but I just pray that I can slow down long enough to cherish these milestones!!!

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Learning Early

Throughout the month of March, I was able to help several girls with cheer and dance tryouts. It was very fun and Laci and Megan were drug along to several of the practices! But, based on this video, I think they learned something! If you have ever had anything to do with tryouts you know how many times you do the routines over and over and over!!!
Now I am working on choreographing 3 routines, so I am dancing all of the time around the house! So, are the girls! At least they will be good at counting to eight! I hope when Laci goes to kindergarten and they tell her to count to 20, she doesn't start with, "5,6,7,, two, three, etc...!!!!!


Despite the rain and clouds, Easter was wonderful! The church service was amazing. Dad had motorcycles all over the church and 4 on the stage. He talked about life and comparing it more to a motorcross race, than a scenic drive through the Ozarks, quite effective! The music was awesome and really brought home the message of Easter. HE IS RISEN!!

My brother, Wes, and Laci

My Mom and Laci

My Dad, Mom, Laci and Megan

Megan's Easter dress had such a special meaning. I am the only one that knew it, but that was okay with me. This was Laci's Easter dress a few years ago. What makes it even more special is that Laci wore this dress on the day (Easter Sunday)we found out we were pregnant with Megan!
and, yes, Laci's belly hung out also!!!!!!!